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Ramona and son Greg | Collison, Illinois | 11/07/2022


I went on line to search internet for information on solar. I have never invested time or effort in solar. And no one in my family has. I went of a solar website to help homeowners try and learn about solar with all the vast amounts of information. It told me panels, materials, Federal Rebates, Illinois Rebates, warranties and more. I am very thorough as is my son Greg. We made a list of items we wanted to have done and what to avoid, as a lot of scary stories on the internet. My first 2 estimates I was not impressed at all. They sales reps were not knowledgeable and only seemed to want to pressure me to buy now, now, now, without even answers a few of my questions. My son and I almost stopped looking for solar. Then our Ameren bill came in $200 higher for our small house. We had to do something. I saw Solar Power MIdwest on line. I researched about them. I was very impressed. All the great reviews about them from so many people. My son said we should have them out. The woman sherri on the phone was so nice and professional and right away told me about inverters and solar panels than I could even keep up with. From her relaxed and professional attitude we invited them out. Dave and Angela showed up. They very nice, and answered all our questions. Dave was so patient, knowledgeable. Not only did he answer all our questions, he slowly brought up real concerns and challenges going solar. He showed Greg and I the whole process simply so we could understand. And answered all of them. He also said that they are very very good at what they do (as I read online), he said sometimes things are bumpy. Greg and I were so happy when they left. Most times after we buy we are nervous and ask ourselves if we did the right thing. Not here. On to installation. There were some issues with the weather, as it rained both times they came out, and deliveries from there suppliers. Our interconnection is so bad where we live in a very small town. The crew of guys were so nice. They worked through it all. What really made me happy is after they were done. When I went to Church the next day Solar Power Midwest seemed to be the talk of our little town. Why? The said how impressed the were with the crew. They knew I work and if the rain caused a delay, I would have to take another day off. They stayed until 6:10Pm on a Saturday. My neighbors even told me how they turned on their truck lights to be able to see. Earlier that day Robert, the crew leader, called Dave, our Saleman and President of the company, they needed parts. No suppliers open. And closed on Sunday. They knew I wanted it done by end of Sunday. Dave amazed me, he drove out 3 hours and delivered the parts needed. Wow. That was impressive. The crew worked all day on Sunday and the job is done. Sherri called and let me know all my paperwork for the state srecs was already done that Sunday night. All that above is best experience I have ever had. That is not the best part.... Dave made a big point at the time of sale, and what I wanted to hear. He said he can not stay on hold when he calls companies, push bottons, talk to people that don't know anything, on and on. I think we all know this. He said he grew up in the 80's and you answer the phone, not sit on hold. He made it a big point. Well that is what impressed me the most. When I called Dave he either answered or called me right back. When I called their office Sherri or their nice Production Manager Stephanie answered the phone. Job done well beyond my experiences in life and what I expected. Oh, one last point. I was talking to Dave about how my shower install company had gone out of business, as did the manufacturer. He said he could not promise it, yet, his guys are good at fixing things as many installing for many years, and construction back grounds. And they love helping people. Looking forward to it.

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Jeremy Dunnagan | Godfrey, Illinois | 11/06/2022

Amazing Customer Service

I was very skeptical about going solar but Sherri took a lot of her time to ease my concerns and answer all of my questions with no pressure to move forward. I talked with multiple solar providers and none came anywhere close to the customer service Dave, Sherri, and Angie provide by making sure you feel 100% comfortable with your decision and continuing to check in and make sure you are happy with everything as well as coming in at the best price. Even after the install was complete Sherri went out of her way to help me contact tree companies and negotiate bids when none of that was her responsibility or obligation. With Solar Power Midwest you get the benefit of working with the main decision makers not just another salesman.

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Becky and Brett S | Lewistown, Illinois | 09/21/2022

Great Experience. Awesome people. Excellent performance.

We are so glad we chose to join the Solar Power Midwest Family of Customers, as they call everyone. My husband Brett checked our companies. We liked SPM as has done so much work around us. They have such great reviews. Dave was so easy to deal with as he helped explain why better than the other companies. And happy to say we are thrilled. I really want to add that I am so glad they are excellent at both roof mounts and ground mounts, as all the other companies did only roof mounts. We bought roof mount on house and garage. We found out they could not go on roof after SPM did engineering. The crew simply changed part of system to ground mount. Sherri also has been so great, supportive. She explains everything so clearly and patiently as we know nothing about solar. And with SPM we don't have to as they are the experts. Highly recommend.

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D. GABRIEL | Fulton, Illinois | 09/10/2022

Great Company

My father git on internet to find solar company to provide solar. We checked out 5 companies. Solar Power Midwest had great reviews. Dave met us all at one time. We felt comfortable and placed 3 orders that day. Been excellent. Com Ed has had issues interconnecting so our system is not working. Dave just drove out and wrote us a check to pay for lost production. Never heard of company do this. And Dave said they will pay every month until Com Ed finally gives Permiision to turn on.

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Eric Ryan S-Champaign, Illinois | Champaign, Illinois | 08/24/2022

Top Dogs, By Far. So Happy!

Well, we are thrilled beyond belief. I do not normally do reviews, yet my adult son and I are so simply happy at our relationship with Solar Power Midwest. One we will have for 25 years+ as labor warranty is and has always been 25 years, as I see on other reviews. The point, we heard horror stories about solar from our neighbor = companies not completing the electric hook up for months; their bills are not the $18 minimum as the other companies they chose. One of my neighbors solar choice, not Solar Power Midwest, had installers they said were "theirs." Turned out a big lie, and in fact, the installers were complaining about not being paid, and wanting to leave. That does not seem like a good recipe for quality work, especially electrical as seems dangerous if installed by those upset. The main installer for that company asked if I know anyone hiring in construction as he to leave because he could not pay his bills with not being paid for 6 weeks he said. Long story short, I gave him the owner of Solar Power Midwest, card, Dave Sonner. He and 2 of his friends now work there. They live near us, and I saw him at the gas station the other day. He said we was the happiest he has ever been in his working years. He said Solar Power Midwest is so good to work for. That they treat everybody as family, including and, all installers and customers. He said almost all other companies jobs he installed for the owners were already upset at sales, office, or whatever, when he walked up. Took a toll on him. He said every Solar Power Midwest customer was happy to see them. Put my mind at rest.

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Teresa and Rick M. Danville- | Tilton, Illinois | 08/24/2022

Sherri, Angie and rhe whole SPM team are all amazing

My husband Rick and I are so trulybhapoy with Solar Power Midwest. When Sherri said are family now we said yes, well she was so right. Angie, our SPM Production Manager always answered our calls?. The first time we have invested in solar and has been great. We have Friends who went with other companies before we met SPM and a number of them are very unhappy with promises that are not kept. Highly recommend them.

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Ms. Linda | Tilton, Illinois | 08/23/2022


I am so happy with everything Solar Power Midwest has done from beginning, end, and now beyond. Sherri still calls every few months to check up on me and the solar. I am a single older owner. I am nervous about any big decisions. With my Ameren bills going up, on 1 part time income, I simply cannot afford to pay so much more on my electric bill. I got 3 estimates from companies I found on the web. Mistake. All 3 of the other companies did not impress me. Actually, I did not understand them, all they wanted was a sale or sign a lease agreement or something. I gave up. Then another Ameren price increase. I asked my good friends who they used. They were both so excited to say how happy there were. I had their sales rep named Sherri come out. She was so nice, sharp, kind, professional. She asked me questions no other companies asked and really and genuinely was interested in my situation. I dont normally sign that day. I did. And simply am so happy. Sherri has always, always been available. She coached me through it all, and sometimes 2-3 times. Always took her time.

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Steve | Buckingham, Illinois | 08/23/2022

Solar Success

After looking at solar for a couple years upper years I chose solar power Midwest for a number of reasons one of the most is I felt comfortable with what Dave and Angela had to say about going solar solar. I'd met with other companies who were pushy not very informative and more worried about a sale than listening to my needs and building a system. I have to think about my family for the next 50 to a 100 years and make the right decision. I'm happy to say that I made the right decision for solar power midwest

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Jamie and Louie S | Wilmington, Illinois | 08/22/2022


We hired Solar Power MIDWEST because our Commonwealth Edison electric went from $400-$1000, who can afford that? Between the county, the health department for our county, and Com Ed, they combined cost so much delay and trouble. When David met us at our house he repeated that there wouldn’t be any charges. But since it took so long the prices on the products went up, we had to get a soil test, and many other expenses… Dave and Solar Power MIDWEST never asked for another penny. And in fact there was an extra soil test that was required after the fact, and a number of my friends that other companies do work around here and they had to pay two to $4000. We called Cheri at the office to let her know. She said no problem we will take care of it. The most amazing remodeling experience we have had. It’s true

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Brian and Melissa | Milan, Illinois | 08/21/2022

After a lot of research we found the best

My husband and I spent a lot of time researching on the internet and asking friends family neighbors who's a good company to reach out to. After talking to three to four companies, we finally spoke to Sherry from solar power Midwest. All we can say is wow is she good at what she knows. Explain everything very thoroughly. Then she had David the owner come out and we move forward. And everything has been excellent.

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D. MAIN | Rio, Illinois | 08/21/2022

Is best customer service ever

I called solar power Midwest because they came highly recommended from a lot of my friends and neighbors. The owner David sonner came out and within just a little bit I felt very comfortable as he was very knowledgeable pleasant and no pressure.. The best thing is that David and I had marked out where the ground mountain were to go and I approved it. The crew came out and worked all day pounding the post putting the post And they left. About an hour and a 1/2 later about 5:30 at night I realized that the post were not in a good place because trucks they hit them when they come in period my mistake. I called David and didn't think he could do anything. Immediately said no problem. The crew went to go rod's skidster just to move the post. Took a couple hours. No charge. I'm very very happy

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Solar Power Midwest offers the highest value proposition for solar, batteries, and generators to Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and Utility Scale Solar in the Midwest. All on our teams are highly motivated and love what they to in order to fulfill Our Mission is Simple and Effective: To provide customers the very best solutions to their energy needs, not just today, but for a lifetime of energy usage. We have many financial programs from loans, leases, PPA and more for those who want to go solar to be able to do so.

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