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Juan Ledesma | Fresno, California | 06/17/2024

Since day one Solar Negotiators have been there to answer any questions and concerns I had which weren’t many because they explained everything throughly. With electricity been so high cost now a day I am able to save money lots of money with my solar panels. Highly recommend Solar Negotiators.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Grayson | Fresno, California | 10/04/2023

Everything was fine until the 5g upgrade. After upgrading, they found that my inverter was not working. I'm covered by warranty but it's been 22 days now with no solar. My systems hasn't produced in 7 months. Part of that is my fault because I didn't upgrade immediately. But after the problem was found, I asked when I would get a replacement. Solar negotiators said to ask solar edge because that's who the parts come from. Solar edge is a chat only company meaning u can't talk to a supervisor only chat with a worker. I was told 3-5 business days and they would ship. After 7 days I chatted that I need a supervisor. They said they would place me on a priority list. They said they warranty my product but dont warranty the time it takes to get the product. I then called solar negotiators back to request my money back for my upgrade and il pay it when I get service. The lady then said it's only been 22 days and parts can take up to 30 days. She also said someone would reach out to me. If they knew it would take 30 days, why have me call solar edge? So here I am 7 months and 22 days with no service and nobody has reached out to me. Great service in the beginning until you buy and have an issue. Highly disappointed.

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Terry D | Fresno, California | 06/13/2024

My HOME team

I've had solar for many years. Even did an expansion because two-story houses take a lot of energy. Always helpful and quick to address any problems that occurred. Thanks guys.

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Roxy | Clovis, California | 06/11/2024

Always get help

Happy with our system. Going on year 3. We always receive updates on new things going on. Happy with their service

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JoDee | Fresno, California | 06/09/2024

Couldn’t have done it without Solar Negotiators!

6 years ago I had almost given up hope of getting solar after another company told me our roof wouldn’t work with solar. RJ and S.N. worked their magic by bringing different companies together to create a package that included the right roof surface, solar, and an efficient pool pump. To this day, they are still very responsive to questions and needed support. I recommend them all the time and still share RJ’s cell number with interested friends. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the experience.

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Cecil | Visalia, California | 06/07/2024

Great service and communication

Started using my solar panels just over a year ago. The estimated production was correct, we produced a little more than the projection for the year. We are very happy with our system, and the process to get them installed and running. Solar Negotiators was great to work with.

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Forest | Clovis, California | 06/07/2024

Nice and courteous people

Robbie was referred to me by a good friend. I hope he got his incentive for the referral. Robbie took time off his busy schedule to show the system. He explained things that I was not even aware of such as regulation changes. He called to remind me about changing my habit of using electricity. His advice is to use the power being generated instead of trading it for later use. I am hoping the system will step up and gradually increase producing power towards 10kW. My 10kW system have been producing 7.5kW.

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Thom Halls | Sanger, California | 06/03/2024

Good service

Over the last three years I have found them reliable snd honest. Early in the process we had trouble getting online, but Solarnegotiators got it solved and have had no problems since. Very satisfied.

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D Doug | Fresno, California | 06/03/2024

Excellent Service

I have had Solar installed on two homes in the Fresno area. The experience from start to finish was amazing. No problems and the systems work as expected. I highly recommend this company for your solar system.

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West Paul | Fresno, California | 06/03/2024

Customer Service

Solar Negotiators has great customer service when I discovered that one of mypanels was off.

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Stephen and Deborah Valizan | Chowchilla, California | 06/03/2024

A straightforward review

We start a few year back as everyone else about dealing with the high cost of utilities.I made several inquiries talked to about five different companies,had three come out.From the start solar negotiations show me what I wanted two of them showed my google maps and told me what I need and when they could start.The representative from solar negotiations got on the roof inspected my electrical panel and really inquired about our needs. I like his approach and professional manner, he didn’t try to sell me on it just told me what they could do.My wife and decided this was the way we wanted go. They scheduled the installation and came and did everything exactly as said and all of the people who came knew what they were doing. We had the system for about five years and had a couple of problems but they worked with us on both of them. The system works well our true up is low and our system meet our needs, I like the fact that we make what we use, I feel thats how it should work. The system and solar negotiations have been good for us and I recommend them and they are very good to deal with. Stephen and Debbie Valizan

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Ramon Rios | Reedley, California | 05/29/2024

I couldn't be happier with my solar system. Solar Negotiators stands by their work and products. Best service and best value period.

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About Solar Negotiators

We are here to help you navigate the unknowns of solar. We work hard to simplify what can be complicated process. Our sales team views your initial consultation as an opportunity to educate you, rather than sell you. We want our customers to make an informed decision, and ultimately feel confident about their solar purchase.

Solar is a lifetime investment decision. We account for what can go wrong ahead of time. We make it our mission to set our clients up for solar success. Beginning with your sales consultation, we ensure your system is optimized for performance. We account for potential threats to your solar production by protecting you with our Pros Membership plan: cleaning, inspection and monitoring for the 25+ years you're in the home.

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