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Updated: 26 May 2020

Installing solar since 1997

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Holtz | 01/29/2013

Solar in Mission Viejo

Three years ago these folks installed my solar system. It has worked flawlessly. The installation was very professional and the crew cleaned up daily. <br /><br />I would use them again, and highly recommend them.

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Wayne | Portland, Oregon | 11/01/2022

Extremely disapointed

REC solar installed a 100-panel system on my apartment building in 2009 for over six figures. I now need service on one inverter (of three) and they have no record of having done the installation, so they are unable to send a tech out to help with replacing the invertor. If you are considering installing a new photovoltaic system find a company that will service their system, should it need servicing. Also getting through their (REC's) telephone customer service system is a true test of patience.

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Rick | Columbus, New Jersey | 05/26/2020

No support

They installed my solar in 2006. I need a new roof and called them, they say they don't support residential anymore. They said they contracted with SunRun to handle residential. I contacted SunRun and was told that they cannot remove my panels; REC would have to do it, since REC installed them. Emailed REC again, and got no response. I have decided to just replace my system, and I am not using REC obviously or SunRun.

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Kate M. | 12/02/2012

I highly recommed REC SOlar

After much debate and talking with 3 companies I went with REC solar. I trusted them immediately because not only do they go through Costco, a trusted company, but Costco had REC solar install panels on their wharehouses! <br />John was my go-to guy, and he walked me through everything from beginnning to end. No hidden surprises. And after 6 months, SDGE owes me about $35 so far for this year!! Imagine, getting money back. The tax breaks have been great too!

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Anonymous | Boulder, Colorado | 06/13/2009

REC was the best home remodel project I have ever done. From start to finish each person I came into contact with was professional, courteous and terrific customer service. I can`t speak highly enough of them.<br />

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Anonymous | El Dorado Hills, California | 01/22/2009

Sales person was well prepared and did a very good job. The installation crew was excellent. All questions were promptly answered but proactive communication could have been better. There were a number of steps where we were unsure what was going to happen next or when.<br /><br />The overall experience of working with REC has been great.<br />

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Anonymous | Arvada, Colorado | 10/09/2008

You will receive 0 custumer support after you write the second check. REC will take months to get the required documents to your power company. Meanwhile your system is unconnected the grid and sits totally idle. I believe REC is too busy with large corporate clients to do a proper job on residential systems.<br />

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Anonymous | Aurora, Colorado | 06/30/2008

REC was GREAT!! Installed what they said, when they said for teh price they said.<br />

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Anonymous | Lafayette, Colorado | 06/27/2008

Better in bid process than their competition- more prompt and knowledgeable sales staff. Installed a solar attic fan that i had purchased from another company at no charge.<br />

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Anonymous | Denver, Colorado | 06/24/2008

<br />

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Anonymous | Boulder, Colorado | 06/18/2008

<br />

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Anonymous | San Luis Obispo, California | 11/11/2007

<br />

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