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Updated: 19 February 2017

Installing solar since 2016

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Anonymous | Palmdale, California | 02/19/2017

Very Happy

The people I dealt with were courteous, punctual, and pleasant. The system has worked very well for the past several months.

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Madeline Rios | 02/19/2017

Very pleased

Have my system for more than a year now and my electricity bill is coming in at less than $5.00 a month, even in the rainy season.

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Leo5 | Lancaster, California | 02/10/2017

Great company

I've had solar for over six months now. I've saved a lot of money. I like that they were on time and color matched the pipes running down the house, everything looks professional and I haven't had any problems at all. They are not leased panels, and even on cloudy days I still produce some electricity. I am happy with my purchase.

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Sir Buff | Palmdale, California | 10/24/2016

top of the line product

Honestly going solar is very scary. I had multiple people come over to try to sell me solar. I was very interested in going solar but did not know who to go with. So I started doing some research since it was a big investment and realized that polar solar had an excellent product. I did research on their panels that they were offering, and the inverter. Polar solar gave me a system that SunPower, Solar City and other solar companies didn't have. It was a bifacial monitoring system that I can check on each panel with my phone and computer. Each panel has more watts then the other companies. The SMA inverter can also be monitored with my phone and computer. So with this system I can see exactly which each thing is doing, from each panel to the inverter which is very cool. The install took about 3 months but was done very clean. David made sure that the install was done properly and very knowledgeable about the product and how the install was going to go, very happy with David. Even the interest rates for the system was the lowest out of all the other solar companies which was a big win for me too. Honestly I would recommend polar solar to my friends and family because when it comes down to it when you want top quality product go with polar solar. Thank you

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Reply from Sir Buff: Thank you

Robert G. | Reseda, California | 06/27/2016

Solar System Installation

If you are looking for a solar company with superior quality and craftsmanship of their product(s), that comes with one of the best warranty on the market, with excellent Customer Service, and does everything by the book in a timely manner without waste your precious time? If your answer is YES, then please don't look any further than Polar Solar. <br />First of all let me say this now, I'm not a person that loves to write reviews online. But I feel and think it's the proper thing to do when a company goes above and beyond for their customers. So, here is our story. We been living for Years now in Northridge area. A few years ago, we did a big renovation to our home. Our goals was not only to have a beautiful home but also a top-notch thermal insulation home which keeps the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We started to analyze our utilities bills to see how much we save. Please don't get me wrong, our electrical bill did go down a significate amount but in the same time it was going up. Our usage of electricity went down but the fees from the power company (LADWP) was going up rapidly. So, this is when we decide to take control of us generating our own power rather than to depend on someone else. At first, we didn't know anything about solar, so we started to call different solar companies (about 10) to get a free consultation. There was few things that we notices from each company that had some type of resemblances; Every time we met with each of them, they all I had something to say bad about each other. But when we asked them to show us proof (online or on paper), they couldn't back-up their accusation. They were assuming that their solar panel was the best in the market & no one else had that type of product. The funny things is, all of the solar panels from each of them looked the same, just different name brand. Some of the solar company companies didn't want to sell us a system but rather to lease one from them and pay a monthly fee and be connect to their grid. What is the point of that? You don't own your system ever and the only thing you accomplish was to leave your old supplier to have a new supplier. As for when it came to asking questions or concerns about the solar business or their product(s), it seems like their representatives didn't know shit. Most of them, where giving us generic sale pitches from a book. Lastly, every representative(s) we met, didn't want to give us time to think it over or lets us do research on their company or product. It's like they were vulture, putting the pressure on you to buy their product. About few weeks later, we met Mark from Polar Solar. When he came over, he was very polite & professional. We asked him all the questions & concerns that we could think of & he gave us a genuine answer without reading from a book manual. He totally took his time telling us how step by step about their products and about Polar Solar. I will say this, Polar Solar are a top of their game & quick in a professional manner when it comes to get everything ready to install your system. There was nothing for us to do except decide what day we want polar Solar to come to install the system at our house. Their customer service representative Patricia is extremely the best. Anytime we needed an update or any information regarding project or loan, she gave us an answer quickly and always in a professional manner. There was never a point where we felt lost or confuse of what was going on with our project with Polar Solar. They always kept us in the loop. When it came down to installing the system, the crew that showed up where very polite and professional. You can tell by observation, they took pride in their work. Quality, craftsmanship, & safety was top priority for them. They constantly did inspection on everything, to the smallest detail to make sure it was properly installed & working in perfection. We were extremely happy & satisfied on the entire process, from beginning to end with Polar Solar.<br />Here is my question again to you my fellow consumers. If you are looking for a solar company with top notch quality product(s) with one of the best warranty in the market. Excellent customer service that will answer your call always or call you back right away to assists you with all of your concerns/questions and not give you any BS. Who does everything for you from the beginning to the end in a professional time frame without wasting your precious time? That takes safety, Customer Service, loyalty to the consumers, quality, & craftsmanship as a number one Priority in their business. Then please stop looking any further and call Polar Solar! You won't regret it making this call. I hope our story will help you to make the best decision and be extremely satisfied with their solar system. <br />Thank you Polar Solar for all your help, making our transition to solar power smoothly without the BS, not wasting our precious time & always had us as your golden priority to be happy customers….…..

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