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Updated: 23 November 2022

Installing solar since 1995

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Anonymous | Kihei, Hawaii | 03/06/2008

This company was the best home improvement contractor I have ever used.<br />

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Latest bad review thumbs down

ORCHIDGROWER | Honolulu, Hawaii | 02/07/2023

5 STAR REVIEWS Are all anonymous and from Maui - - -FISHY

Haleakala installed my system in 2009. My Enphase unit failed, and they said they went bankrupt and refiled, and are no longer liable for old warranty. Bull***t. They are advertising that they have been in business for 40+ years...either they have been in business 40+ years or not. If so, they should honor the warranty. Cannot have the cake and eat it too. Called and they were supposed to call me back...never happened. IS ZERO STARS AVAILABLE/// I ALSO LEARNED THEY MAY HAVE A RICO COMPLAINT TILED AGAINST THEM.

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KL | Makawao, Hawaii | 11/23/2022

Roofing was fine - solar horrible

While the roofing devision was very professional and great, the solar has been nothing but trouble. We installed both a few years ago. The solar took over a week longer than what they said it would take. The installers always arrived later than when they said they would arrive and leave very early. After they finally installed it, they said it would take a bit for the system to charge and our bill to go down. Months went by and nothing. Kept on calling and they assured me that everything was working properly. After 4 months they finally came up to see what was wrong and realized the electrician actually never turned the system on. Fast forward to now (few years later) after MECO changed the meter I have had NOTHING but trouble with the system and my bill has skyrocket back to what it was before I purchased the system. They can't give me any real answers as to what is wrong. Contacting them is hit or miss and they don't always return messages. I don't even know what to do any more.

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Jen | Kahului, Hawaii | 07/22/2022

Do yourself a favor and choose another reputable company

POOR AFTER SALES SUPPORT. Our system was paid for and installed in record time giving us false sense of security thinking we had made the right choice of a solar company. Flash forward a few years later when a problem arises, good luck! Can't get call backs, can't get emails, and if you go into their office, you will likely stand around while people walk past without even acknowledging your existence. Do yourself a favor and talk to people who have needed help subsequent to their install and make sure the company you choose will be there for the long haul. Based on my experience, we didn't do our due diligence and it is costing us $$$$ monthly.

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Trevor | Wailuku, Hawaii | 06/19/2021

Pathetic service absolute rip off

They originally installed the hot water solar system, 5 yr warranty 3 months before warranty expired solar regulator went out so they replaced it, 14 months later the system stops working again I call and call leave messages takes a week before I finally get some service blamed poor response on COVID tell me $280 call out fee deceptively told $280 will go towards overall cost, Get a bill for $640 ? Call out fee is $280 replaced regulator $360 Took 20min to replace this regulator can be bought on Amazon for $30,do yourself a favor shop around don’t be fooled and had like I was will spread the word far and wide disgusting service, when I confronted the rep he said I was acting like and I quote “ you got a hair up your arse”

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Very unhappy customer | Kaneohe, Hawaii | 04/18/2021

Very very very very very bad company

Please! Do not use them! We paid the deposit and got absolutely nothing from them!! We r out 17k and they kept wanting more! We paid them back in 2019! Very very very bad business!

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Anonymous | Kihei, Hawaii | 02/21/2008

best contractor to hire to do the job right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />

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Anonymous | Puunene, Hawaii | 02/20/2008

I had a solar system installed by Haleakala Solar, Inc in 1994 and was very happy with that system. In fact, so happy that I had them install another one on my extension in 2007.<br />

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Anonymous | Kihei, Hawaii | 02/20/2008

Great Customer Service and Excellent Installation work!<br />

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