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Updated: 22 April 2023

Installing solar since 2018

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Wayne N | Bakersfield, California | 10/08/2018

Excellent Local Contractor

Fuzion Energy did an excellent job on my 30 panel system. They have a ton of experience and have answered every question I've had. I would recommend them to anyone interested in learning about how solar works.

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Ross Hernandez | Bakersfield, California | 12/06/2023

Solar panels been off for 4 months and nobody returns my call

My solar panel experience with these people has been nothing but regrettable. Problem after probl m after problem. Save yourself the headache. Sunrun has had several class action lawsuits for the se reason as these people. Flee from Fuzion home energy/Solar Bakersfield!!!

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Hannah Bentley | San Pedro, California | 04/22/2023

System Doesn't Work, It's Under Warranty, No Repair

I cannot begin to express my frustration with this company. I bought a house that had a solar installation from Fuzion. First, it turned out they never got it permitted. They did fix that, eventually, but later, the system stopped working due to corrosion (because they installed aluminum MPPT boxes and we are near the ocean, and it was Fuzion's fault that they chose this configuration) and even though it was under warranty they first insisted that I send them a lot of personal financial information relating to my purchase of the house and then they simply ignored repeated phone calls and emails asking them to repair the system. It still does not work and I am having to find another contractor to fix what was Fuzion's fault.

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Unhappy Solar Customer | Bakersfield, California | 08/08/2022

Bad, Bad, Bad, BAD Experience with them

I've been dealing with Fuzion for over a year now, I purchased 15 solar panels, contracted to complete a pool with them, purchased a battery and an EV charger through them. When I initially signed by contract in December 2020, the cost to complete everything was $104,099.38 but in April 2021, I had to sign a new contract totaling $115,620.26 with NO explanation or change order explaining the difference. I asked for an itemization explaining the difference, but received none. After a few months, I checked my solar on my app and one of the panels wasn't working, I called them numerous times and no one took or returned my call. When someone finally did, 4 months later, they came out and found out it was broken and a part had to be ordered. 6-Weeks later, the part came in and they fixed it. I was also told that my battery was on back order and would have it in a couple of months - which I know is beyond their control. However, I found out that they didn't order the battery when their project was funded, they waited until a few months later, then it was on back order. I finally received my battery in December of 2021 and it was not finalized with my electric company until April of 2021. They kept going back and forth to them for incorrect paperwork. In the meantime, I received my true up bill of $1,100 and was shocked to have found it was so high. I asked Fuzion why and they said I don't have enough panels and for a fee, they would come out and add more. I asked for assistance in paying it and they said no, they have customers calling them for true up bills in upwards of $12,000 that they have rejected to pay. I consulted with the CSLB and I have several infractions, Workmanship (lack of panels), Abandonment (missing panels, not enough), Misrepresentation (no change order for the increase and system inadequate) also, I was making payments to my solar AND to my electric company while my system was being installed and issues being resolved. The Solar Task Force with the State of California is investigating them as they have denied the mediator's request to reimburse me for my issues. I am also filing a claim against their bond and am taking them to superior court.

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Gregory H | Oxnard, California | 09/07/2018

Get Sun but not from Fuzion!

This company promised us easily done in 3 months. It's been 5! If you like cleaning up after workers, getting rid of unwanted materials left behind, and repairing damage to your home and yard then by all means hire these guys!! They will show up when they damn well please and not a week before! Every phone call is an adventure! Never know what kind of excuse is on tap for the day

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About Fuzion Energy

Fuzion Energy is a local family owned and operated Solar Contractor that make solar work for every homeowner. With 10+ years of experience we can show you the benefits of having your first or even second system (to get rid of a true up bill) with no money down financing options. Every client saves money day 1 with most selecting the no money out of pocket option. If you give us a chance we can show you that we really are a difference maker in the marketplace. We look forward to hearing from you!

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