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Updated: 28 July 2021

Installing solar since 2018

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P Ribbens | Minneapolis, Minnesota | 07/25/2022

Great Expereince

Since our previous attempt last year ended with the out-of-state business going bankrupt, we were extra cautious this time around, asking for bids from three solar companies. I asked for and received accommodation that the last payment would not be made until the system was fully operational. One of the coldest springs in many years delayed our install. Then Xcel energy, two weeks wait, then a problem with our system (IQ8's are relatively new) added up to a month. Now that our system's been up for 18 days, we can say so far so good. Our 9.5 KW system -- in round numbers -- has produced 780 kw hrs, we consumed 79 kw hrs, and exported 682 kw hrs. Information instantly available on the Enlighten App. Obviously this is the time of year with peak production and few cloudy, rained out days. Annie Hendrix and Patrick Farnham answered questions and kept us in the communication loop throughout the process. Xcel energy had required paperwork that they walked us through. Also showed us through the Enlighten App the day power came from the solar system. The installers, solar panel mechanical, and electrical, were respectful of property and communicative in their respective efforts --we did NOT have to clean up after them. During sales, at the last ditch, we decided to add battery storage, this accounts for approximately 1/3 of the overall price!

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Bartylla Plumbing | Hugo, Minnesota | 07/28/2021

Seamless from start to finish

My experience working with Cedar Creek Energy was seamless from start to finish. The project developer I was working with, Max Corner, did a great job with his consultative approach. He took the time to learn about our business and where our needs were in order to deliver on a quality solution that was financially feasible for us. The whole team at Cedar Creek went above and beyond on the back end. My project managers, Annie Hendrick & Patrick Farnham, always stayed on top of communication with different progress points throughout the project so I was never in the dark when it came to my install and status. The installers were exceptional, enjoyable to be around and clearly professional in their mannerisms and craftsmanship. I now have a system up and running that is completely offsetting my electrical usage on an annual basis. They even took on monitoring and servicing my residential system, even though they didn’t install it. They truly want the best experience possible for their customers and if you choose Cedar Creek Energy, I know you will be thankful for choosing them as your solar installer.

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Sampson solar panel system | Burnsville, Minnesota | 07/28/2021

An outstanding experience!

IF YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT PUTTING IN SOLAR PANESL, YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT COMPANY! Three months ago, we decided that solar panels would be a very good idea with all the concerns about global warming and consumption of oil and gas. We also knew it would be a cost-saving project for us because of the Federal and Dakota Electric incentives as well as generating our own electricity. Then, the "fun" started as I tried to figure out which of many solar companies to choose. I ended up with a spread sheet of SIX proposals from other companies ranging in price from $17,000 to $36,000! Trying to sort out the technical aspects of these plans was challenging and unfortunately there isn't a "neutral advisor" group out there to give me some objective advice. I also found there is plenty of misin-formation about the rebates and pay-outs by Xcel and Dakota Electric, so it was difficult at best to decide on the best plan. By the "grace of the Solar Gods" or someone, I happened to click on the link to Cedar Creek Energy and the rest, as they say, was "Wonderful"! A team came to our house, explained how the system works and where the best places would be to install panels, used a drone to determine the maximum sun levels during the day and compiled a thorough report on the best plan for us. I was particularly impressed with their willingness to answer questions, talk about options, explain how the system works and other concerns that we had, not only in the early stages but also during the whole process. Cedar Creek has their own crews so you aren't faced with dealing with a sub-contractor who may not be the same person who worked on something earlier in the job. They did excellent work from the initial inspections through actual installation of the panels, wiring of the systems and finally "throwing the switch"! We would not hesitate to highly recommend Cedar Creek as a great company to work with in setting up a solar panel system: their team is top-notch, they are knowledgeable and up-to-date and certainly gave us a fine end product at a VERY COMPETITIVE price You can't go wrong!

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Terrie Wheeler | Rush City, Minnesota | 05/17/2018

Ceder Creek Energy is a First-Rate Solar Company - Excellent!!

We hired Cedar Creek Energy to engineer and install solar panels on our home. Every person we dealt with throughout the process was client-focused and extremely responsive. Our solar array has already cut our electric bill by over 80%. We highly, strongly recommend you talk to Cedar Creek Energy if you are looking at going solar. They are a top-notch company!

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