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Heidi | Red Lion, Pennsylvania | 09/26/2023

Fantastic company

From our first meeting with George Nebrat we knew we were dealing with a fantastic company. George and Apollo Energy helped me to work through the entire purchasing, building, approval and installation process. They went above and beyond to help me through every step. Whenever I needed help I could call George and he immediately went to work resolving whatever issue I was dealing with. Even now if I have a concern I can call George and he will make sure everything in a timely and efficient manner. He made the entire process as smooth as possible. Our system looks fantastic and is working well. I look forward to the saving this will bring me over the life of the unit. Please call Apollo Energy to start your solar journey, you will not be disappointed!

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Michael Burns | Millerstown, Pennsylvania | 04/18/2023


Tim, Thank you for the talk on the phone yesterday. I've been advised and counseled to communicate with you (Apollo and Brilliant?) that, until I receive a written plan that includes all parties, signed by all parties addressing in detail resolutions to each grievance, no one from all or any parties are not to enter contract address, my primary residence. Once I am pleased and confirm the plan to all my grievances, entrance to contract address will be reinstated to all parties for PPL inspection and switch. Michael Acts 20:24 These are to include but not limited to, April 2023 - Our installers were not Skyline as contracts state. - You said you worked for Apollo. Contract states differently. - We were told that our Solar system to be installed would all our electric consumption (25k). We were lied to. - The India base architect plans were not true to our roof square footage. As of March 2023 After talking to my neighbor who also got solar I'm extremely concerned about Apollo Energy. He went with another solar company, no "middle company" like Apollo. He has same or more panels and his bill will be half of ours ($289). In addition, - Compared to 3 other friends who had solar installed, we've had the way less communication and quality. - Neighbors solar was installed after ours and his inspection already happened 3 weeks ago. - Neighbor interest rate is 1.9%. Ours is 2.9%. Not cool. Our credit is better than there's. - There were electrical issues with the install. Our lights were flickering horriblly. I use a medical BI-CPAP at night. 2 weeks. They came out to fix it TWO TIMES. I believe it's fixed but downstairs bathroom lights still flicker slightly. - After original service inspection and your time here, no one knew what was needed for our breaker box. This caused issues for Skyline. - Electrical guys for Skyline we're nice, respectful BUT Apollo Energy didn't set them up for success. - The Skyline crew NEVER installed this "newer" system before. Again, not cool! - Skyline crew didn't know/ wasn't informed that there was roof access from inside. No conduit was needed to be run. - Tree is still there. No communication about that. And it's still there. Is the stump being removed? - There is still a lot of room on our roof. - We wanted to max out our roof, it's not. - Enphase back up battery wasn't installed correctly. Cody had Enphase come out. Enphase has to pay Cody's Skyline solar to redo work. This puts us back weeks on getting online. - Skyline wanted to put backup battery outside. I read, myself (not in energy field) read it's best to put inside. They installed inside on their own. Unreal. - Apollo seems extremely sketchy, especially your Facebook. Lack of reviews. Had to do 2 contracts. And ALL these quality issues. Before I go further I'm communicating them with you. Please do not call me. Reply in writing. Monday night is the deadline for me to hear back from you. Michael

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Ricco Handberry | Sicklerville, New Jersey | 09/02/2023

Working w/Kass&Kelly was an utter joy to have experienced

From begining to the end of the project Kass was with me the entire way checking on the progress and the status . I highly recommend Apollo Energy to any of my friends, co-workers and family for a solar install

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Jeff | Carbondale, Pennsylvania | 08/27/2023

Was very quick and knowledgeable about all of our questions. Took the time to break each step down along the way and helped with any questions we had.

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Marissa | Harrisburg, Pennsylvania | 07/31/2023

Knowledgeable and Easy Process

George Nebrat was a true professional. He asked about my goals and needs, answered my questions (even the tricky ones), and was there every step of the process to make sure the project was done on time and kept ahead of any issues that did come up. Excellent communication and follow up. Always quick to respond to questions even on off hours. Highly recommended.

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Amanda M. | Wayland, Michigan | 07/23/2023

Solar plan

Noah, my Apollo Energy Agent, originally out of Tennessee, now in Kentucky has been Amazing! Before I signed on to get Solar I talked with him for well over an hour. I was full of questions and he answered every one of them I had and assured me that the Solar plan I was getting was the way to go for myself and family. Though I didn't get the extra box for power outages, he said I could get that anytime later. The install company that is contracted for my state is Michigan Solar and Roofing. They installed my panels earlier than what Noah had said, since they had an opening. The electrician has been out and has hooked everything up, and installed what was needed, though I'm not using my system yet. It's not ready yet. Though I'm super excited to start using it! My electric bills have been outrageous since before summer began and I'm ready to save money, especially since I don't even run my AC unit all the time. Within the last month I have talked to Noah several times, I'm excited to refer him to my family and friends because of his thoroughness and his great personality. He's very friendly with a southern accent, which are a couple of my favorite things about him not to mention he's super patient, more than I especially with all the numerous questions I have asked him! And he always says call me anytime

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Bruce S | Chesapeake, Virginia | 07/10/2023

Great Experience!

Working with Apollo has been a very positive experience. Sam T., my Apollo agent, promised that he would personally ensure that the solar panel experience would be a good one. He did not disappoint. Working with Standard Energy Solutions (solar panel installers) and Quality Exteriors (roofing). Proved to be the right choices. Sam continues to maintain contact with me. I am confident that we made the right choice. Well done Apollo!

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RONALD MYERS | Landisburg, Pennsylvania | 06/14/2023

The system is operating excellent everything great like was promised Ron Baker excellent to deal with installation I thought went smooth ppl not so much

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Brian Q. | Cherry Hill, New Jersey | 05/05/2023

My experience with this company was fantastic but my experience Garvin Stewart had room for improvement. The initial sales meeting was informative and professional. The coordination of the installation and the installation itself all went smoothly. The only hiccup that I had was that I was supposed to have an electrical panel upgrade included in my scope of work but the installer was unable to do it. This was included in my price so I technically paid for it. Garvin stopped responding to my inquiries about the matter which was frustrating. I was referred to the owner of the company who reimbursed me immediately for the amount that I paid for the panel scope. The owner also sent me the gift card that Garvin had promised me as part of the deal. I am very satisfied with my panels and satisfied with the customer service and capabilities of this company now that everything is settled. I will gladly recommend them to friends and family!

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james stevens | Manchester, Pennsylvania | 04/11/2023

great work

George Nebrat was a great guy and explained everything and over and beyond for us to get solar and roof replacement. He kept in contact to make sure the process was taken care of. We are very happy with the work that was done.

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A.Smith | Virginia Beach, Virginia | 03/09/2023

Virginia Beach Install Was Great!

Sam Townsend was my solar representative. He was extremely knowledgeable about the solar industry, including keeping informed about what was happening with the current legislature. He was professional and ensured the installation was done, following up each day to ensure I was treated well by contractors and that I was satisfied with the work being done.

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M. Stringer | Hampton, Virginia | 02/25/2023

Patrick did a great job at expalining the whole process of solar installation and the financial perks related to going solar. The consultation was thorough and informative. I really appreciate everything he did. He was also very personable!!

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