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The complete review of REC solar panels for 2024

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REC Group is a solar panel manufacturer based in Norway. Since its founding in 1996, it has manufactured 38 million solar panels, generated 10 gigawatts of solar energy, and provided 16+ million people with solar power. REC has a presence in the United States, Europe, and Asia, with its panel manufacturing primarily in Singapore.

REC has a reputation for selling some of the highest quality solar panels on the market, which is why they landed the number 7 spot on our top solar panel brands list for 2024 and an Excellent rating from our solar experts. While REC panels are some of the most efficient and best-performing panels money can buy, they are expensive, so they aren’t a practical option for all homeowners.

We'll help you understand everything there is to know about REC, from the solar panels they offer to their performance and cost.

Key takeaways

  • REC pioneered half-cut cell technology, which improves the efficiency and wattage of the solar panel.

  • All of the REC panels are of top quality and come with a competitive 25-year product warranty if installed by a REC-certified installer.

  • REC solar panels are built to be high quality but come at a slightly higher price point than competitors.

  • REC was awarded 7th place in SolarReviews’ ranking of the top 10 solar panel manufacturers of 2024.

What home solar panels does REC offer?

REC's Alpha Pure-RX, Alpha Pure R, Alpha Pure, and N-Peak 3 Black panels side by side

REC has four residential solar panel series to choose from, each a high-quality, high-performing option.


REC N-Peak 3 Black

Alpha Pure

Alpha Pure-R

Alpha Pure-RX

Power output

390 - 400 W

390 - 410 W

400 - 430 W

450 - 470 W


19.5% - 20.3%

21.1% - 22.2%

20.7% - 22.3%

21.6% - 22.6%

Temperature coefficient





Cell technology

132 Half-cut bifacial n-type

132 half-cut HJT bifacial

80 half-cut HJT bifacial

88 half-cut HJT bifacial

Product warranty

20 years (25 years REC ProTrust)

20 years (25 years REC ProTrust)

20 years (25 years REC ProTrust)

20 years (25 years REC ProTrust)

Performance warranty

92% output after 25 years

92% output after 25 years

92% output after 25 years

92% output after 25 years

REC solar panel performance

The N-Peak 3 Black Series is a standard, no-frills solar panel. These panels are pretty average regarding power output and efficiency, but they come with REC’s great warranty, a significant advantage over many solar modules available today.

The other three panels, Alpha Pure, Pure-R, and Pure-RX, all use variations of REC’s signature half-cut heterojunction (HJT) cells. Simply put, REC uses top-of-the-line technology to make its panels as efficient and powerful as possible.

REC has been manufacturing half-cut cells since 2014 – it’s what they’re best known for.

The solar cells within the panels are lasered in half to decrease losses and increase durability. The cells are then wired in a way so the top half and bottom half of the panel almost act as two separate panels to improve shade performance. 

REC solar product and performance warranties

On top of great performance, REC’s panels come with 20-year product and 25-year performance solar warranties.

Many solar panels available are only covered by a 12 or 15-year product warranty, meaning REC panels will be covered for longer than competitors’. If you get REC panels through a REC Certified Professional installer, that warranty can be extended for another five years!

The technology used in REC’s panels allows them to perform well over time. As solar panels get older, they operate a little less efficiently. REC’s panels are guaranteed to operate at least 92% of their initial power output after 25 years. For comparison, most solar panels are built to operate at 86% after 25 years.

How much do REC solar panels cost?

REC solar panels tend to be pricier, with installations costing between $3.20 and $3.60 per watt on average. For an average-sized solar panel system, that’s around $22,000 when purchased with cash. The cost will be higher if you finance REC panels through a solar loan.

That’s a significant investment, but REC’s high-quality technology is built to maximize your electricity bill savings through solar. Plus, you can use solar incentives and rebates to make solar panels cheaper. Take the federal solar tax credit, for example. You can earn a tax credit equal to 30% of installation costs when you install solar panels. That’s thousands of dollars saved on your income taxes!

Remember that the cost of solar installations varies depending on where you live, the design of your system, and what solar installer you choose! We recommend getting quotes from at least three solar panel installation companies so you can compare offers and get the best price (and quality) possible.

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Should you buy REC solar panels?

REC solar panels are an excellent choice. If you are looking for a panel built with quality in mind that will power your home for years to come, REC panels will deliver.

Being a well-established company is another reason to choose REC since you can count on them to provide customer service should you ever need to rely on the panel warranty. 

Because you cannot buy REC solar panels for a DIY project, you need to work with a solar company to install these particular panels. Homeowners can work with a solar installer to help determine if they are the cheapest option in terms of cost per watt for a solar installation.

How much can you save on your power bill with REC solar panels?
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