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Solar inverters convert the DC energy generated from your solar panels into AC electricity that is compatible with the AC voltage you use in your home or business. A string inverter is the most common type of inverter in the market and it is likely to be quoted to you by most solar installation businesses. Micro-inverters are another type of inverter, they are generally more expensive and not as common in the market place at the moment. It's been my experience that inverter selection is the most important aspect to any solar installation. Talk to your installers about their inverter offering and ask a few questions, like: Have you been using this model inverter very long, and if so what has been your experience with reliability and warranty issues?

  • Does the inverter manufacturer have an office in this state?
  • How does the warranty work? Do they immediately send a replacement if the unit is not working for do you have to ship the unit back to them and wait for them to fix it?

If your installer has a good track record with the offered inverter, and they have an office in your state (or at least an office in the USA) then you are likely to get a decent inverter. Beware of cheap inverters, I personally have a few favoured inverters, and these inverters are all of the established and mostly more expensive brands. Inverters just look like a box and are generally mounted on the wall near your electricity meter or meter box. Solar Power Pete - resident blogger.