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Compare prices and reviews of the best rated solar panel installation companies in Bloomington


The best Bloomington solar companies are SolarReviews pre-screened installers

SolarReviews has a pre-screening process that helps you sort out the good and the bad when it comes to the solar companies near you. Solar panels last for a very long time, so it is crucial that you choose a solar panel installation company that is easy to work with and will most likely be around for the 25 to 30-year life of your system. Within our small network of independently owned, pre-screened Bloomington solar companies, you will find the very best Bloomington solar panel companies to perform your solar panel installation.

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Our pre-screening process involves our team scoring each company based on 12 ranking factors. These factors include the amount of time in business, litigation searches, criminal record searches, financial profitability, consumer reviews, equipment quality, local service, full-time installation crews rather than using sub-contractors, value, pricing transparency, loan offerings, employee satisfaction, and the company's safety record.

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No company can pay to alter the reviews or review scores shown on our site. Some companies pay us a small, fixed referral fee if you request a quote but we never earn any commission from sales. Any editorial content is not influenced by financial relationships.

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