SolarReviews Releases First Full-Scale Solar Savings Estimator Designed Specifically for Homeowners


New features and advanced data sources enable millions of solar shoppers to create personalized savings estimates for their home and power needs

Customizable inputs include desired electricity offset, financing structures, options for battery storage, and electric vehicle ownership features

View Solar Calculator demo video here

September 22, 2021 – Today, SolarReviews released a first-of-its-kind, free Solar Calculator to provide detailed savings estimates for rooftop solar consumers. The new calculator integrates a series of advanced data sources and customizable inputs that, without this calculator, are historically challenging to quantify. Customizable inputs include desired electricity offset, financing structures, options for battery storage, and electric vehicle ownership features. has been visited by 14.7 million people since its launch in 2012, with more than 5.3 million unique site visits in the last year. In 2019, SolarReviews was the first company to successfully provide a consumer solar calculator to generate highly accurate solar estimates for homeowners based on their location and utility provider. Now, SolarReviews has expanded on this technology to provide a publicly available, full-scale savings estimation tool for homeowners, enabling them to save time and make informed decisions when shopping for a solar system for their home and electricity needs. 

The upgraded Solar Calculator reflects evolving energy use and solar interest from American consumers. A recent SolarReviews survey of American homeowners shows that solar and battery storage installations have increased year-over-year, with 71% of battery installations over the last five years taking place in 2020. SolarReviews has also seen an increase in solar estimates from electric vehicle owners looking to charge their car with solar power.

“Research shows that confusion with the solar installation process is a key barrier for homeowners looking to make the switch to solar. Our solar calculator was designed to make the solar shopping process more accessible for everyone and put solar onto the roofs of more homeowners. We are proud to have created the first comprehensive online tool that is designed and built specifically for consumers to create a transparent and highly-personalized shopping experience,” said Andy Sendy, Founder of

Unlike other solar estimation tools, SolarReviews’s Solar Calculator requires no personal information. By simply entering your zip code and estimated monthly power bill, the calculator generates the number of panels required for your home, the average cost of installation, savings over time, the recommended battery back-up option, and highly accurate cost savings estimates for those interested in an electric vehicle charged with a solar system. As part of the announcement, SolarReviews released a video demonstrating the Solar Calculator.

The Solar Calculator is powered by Genability, a rate analysis software, and energy production estimation tool PVWatts.

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