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SolarReviews Releases First-Ever Solar Electric Vehicle Consumer Guide

Home Solar Owners Pay $235 Per Year to Charge EV, Realize $16,000 in Total Savings 

June 13, 2024 –  Today, SolarReviews, the leading American consumer reviews website for solar panel installations, released the 2024 Solar Powered Electric Vehicles Consumer Guide. The report synthesizes key information about the significant economic and environmental benefits of using home solar to charge electric vehicles, allowing consumers to save tens of thousands of dollars over time.  

“Electric vehicle adoption is on the rise, and consumers are seeking information on the best, lowest-cost options to charge their cars. Home solar is the key to unlocking the most value from an EV investment, representing the cheapest charging method with the lowest carbon footprint when compared to public EV chargers, grid power, and gasoline,” said Andy Sendy, Founder and President of SolarReviews. “Home solar is the clear solution for consumers looking to get the most out of their electric vehicles and realize consistent and sustainable cost savings.”  

The report shows that with home solar, consumers pay just $235 each year to charge their vehicle, compared to $1,762 annually with a public EV charger and up to $1,570 annually for gasoline. Home solar charging also contributes the lowest amount of carbon emissions, as electricity from the power grid still comes primarily from natural gas and coal.

In nearly every state in the U.S., the long-term cost of solar panels is less than buying electricity from the grid, where the average kilowatt-hour is rising over time. Meanwhile, the levelized cost of home solar will remain consistent and, in most cases, cheaper than that of grid power. SolarReviews estimates that charging an EV with solar for 25 years could result in over $16,000 in savings by the end of the solar panel's production warranty.

Looking for historical data? See our 2023 EV report here.

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