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One of the biggest questions people have about the Tesla is whether or not it provides enough range to handle their daily driving needs. Consumers are used to being able to fill up on the go, and the idea of having a set range between charges has been a real barrier for many. The good news is that Tesla has developed their technology in a way that you can easily find a product with enough range for you.

What are your upgrade options on a Tesla?

In the early years, the Model S was available in a 60kW and then a 75kW battery option. Today, Tesla has turned up the power with the 85kW, 90kW, and 100kW range options. In the process, they have discontinued some of their smaller batteries that did not meet the needs of consumers. For most people, the decision to upgrade really means going all the way to the 100kW option.

What Tesla owners say are the best upgrade options?

For the most part, Tesla owners are split into two clubs. People who regularly drive long distances or in cold weather insist that the 100kW battery is the absolute best option. On the other hand, Tesla owners in warmer clients and those who use their cars only for daily short commutes, have made the case that the 85kW battery is a much more affordable option, and gives them plenty of range.

What is the range of a Tesla?

Your Tesla's range really depends on the model of car you own, the battery size, and how you drive. The longest range Tesla's offer just over 310 miles of range per full charge. With a smaller battery, you may have closer to 260 miles per charge, which is still more than enough for most daily commuters. Of course, driving into a headwind or in freezing temperatures can definitely affect your range, so you need to be aware of those things in advance.

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How far can you go on a full Tesla charge?

As mentioned above, the range really depends on how you are driving and how large your battery is. Much like a gasoline engine, the Tesla adjusts the available mile range up or down based on current driving conditions. With a full charge, it may say that you have 310 miles to go, but it could be slightly less if you are always stomping on the go pedal and driving aggressively.

What is the upgraded range option?

When people talk about upgrading their Tesla's range, what they really mean is going to a 100kW battery and adding the last 50-60 miles of range to their current capacity.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla at a charging station?

The speed at which you charge depends on the type of charger you are using. If you are using a Tesla Supercharger, you can get a full charge in a little over an hour. However, the bulk of that charging happens in the first 20 minutes. When you are traveling long distances between supercharger stations, the navigation system will typically instruct you to charge for 20-30 minutes before continuing your journey.

If you are charging at an out-of-network charger, the charging speed will really depend on the output of the charger. Many of these third-party chargers only charge at 6-15 miles per hour, so you could be in for a long wait.

How much does it cost to charge a Tesla at a charging station?

If you were an early adopter of the Tesla vehicle, you got supercharging completely free with your car. Newer models are charged a set fee by the Supercharger network, which comes out to just less than $10 for a full charge. Most people choose to do their charging at home only using the Superchargers for extended trips. This can be extremely cost-effective, especially if you have solar panels providing your power.

To see data on the cost of driving and charging a Tesla car compared to the cost of driving and charging a regular car.

If you are using a third-party charger, the fees can range up to several dollars per hour, which can be especially frustrating if the charger itself is only adding 6-10 miles per hour. Plus, some of these third-party chargers require you to use a prepaid card for your charging.

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How much does it cost to replace a battery in a Tesla?

There have been very few full battery replacements so far in the Tesla books, but Tesla has given a $12,000 price tag for those who want to upgrade from one of their discontinued batteries to a more modern system.

Is the Upgraded range option worth it?

For the most part, we believe that the upgraded range option is definitely worth the money. It offers additional peace of mind if you ever have to make a spontaneous trip outside of your normal commute. It also gives you extra value as your vehicle ages and the battery starts to naturally degrade. Although these batteries have remained highly dependable, the more range you have, the more practical the vehicle will be in the future as well.

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