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Joe Dametto is a blog author at SolarReviews. Joe has a passion for solar and hopes to guide consumers to a more sustainable future.

Articles by Joe Dametto

Is PanelClaw racking right for you?

PanelClaw offers racking and mounting equipment for flat roofs. Here's a look at their product options and features.

Written by Joe Dametto

How much do solar panels weigh?

More important than the weight of each solar panel is the total weight of the installation, and the impact it will have on your rooftop.

Written by Joe Dametto

Is Nexamp community solar right for you?

Some people want a solar system installation, but for one reason or another it isn’t possible. This is where Nexamp community solar can help.

Written by Joe Dametto

What is solar rapid shutdown, and why do I need it?

Solar rapid shutdown is a safety feature which quickly shuts down your solar array in case of an emergency. We explain how to add it to your home solar system.

Written by Joe Dametto