Dan Hahn

Solar Journalist

About Dan Hahn

Dan is a solar journalist and content advisor with SolarReviews. He also works with solar installers and solar nonprofits to develop and execute strategic plans.

Dan Hahn founded residential solar energy information and policy resource, Solar Power Rocks, in 2007. As the site's chief architect and senior editor, he developed a national framework for evaluating the impact of residential solar energy policy. Possessed with a mission to communicate how all state legislatures can encourage solar energy growth, he developed annual state scorecards to benchmark solar policy performance across the United States. Solar Power Rocks has been cited by publications such as the New York Times, Politifact, and Seeking Alpha.

Dan earned his B.S. in Financial Management from the University of Illinois in 2001, and his M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Portland State University in 2008.

Articles by Dan Hahn

How solar is installed on metal roofs

Because there are so many types of roofs, there are many different requirements to mount solar panels on them. Within metal roofing materials alone, there are a variety of profiles, gauges, metal types and considerations to take into account to properly install solar panels.

Written by Dan Hahn

Why you should never invest in “plug-in” solar panels

Learn how plug-in solar panels work, explore their risks compared to costs, and take a look at alternative options to consider for small-scale energy generation.

Written by Dan Hahn

What in the world are flow batteries?

An overview of flow batteries, including their applications, industry outlook, and comparisons to lithium-ion technology for clean energy storage.

Written by Dan Hahn

The difference between DC and AC watts (and PTC/STC)

As you may know, solar is bid for in dollars per watts ($/W). But are those DC watts (direct current, like in a battery) or AC watts (alternating current, like in a light socket) watts? Hopefully this post will get you informed enough to be sure you're comparing apples to apples when reviewing multiple solar quotes

Written by Dan Hahn

How solar is installed on clay tile roofs

Clay tile roofs dominate the landscape across the American southwest. They look great, are part of Spanish culture, and can last a century. However, they can be a pain in the butt for solar installers to work with. Until recently, installing solar on clay tiled roofs has been a more expensive and risky endeavor than alternatives

Written by Dan Hahn

Solar tubes: Everything you need to know

Solar tubes run from the roof to the ceiling, brightening your home with daylight. They are more affordable and efficient than skylights, and can really make a difference in your home!

Written by Dan Hahn