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Cameron is a business analyst and content specialist at SolarReviews. He has a strong passion for sustainable energy and ensuring that American families are informed on the environmental and financial benefits of solar energy.

Articles by Cameron Bates

Current Wait Times For Every Tesla Model

Tesla is still struggling to hit its production goals, with the wait time for various new Tesla models extending into 2023.

Written by Cameron Bates

5 reasons why your gas bill is so high

Explaining the five most common reasons for sky-high electric bills (and how to stop them) that might surprise you.

Written by Cameron Bates

What is an electrical load?

An electrical load is any device that consumes electrical energy and transforms it into another form such as heat, light or movement.

Written by Cameron Bates

Should you finance solar with Dividend Finance solar loans?

Dividend Finance is one of the leading solar loan providers in the country with loan options of 12 or 20 years and competitive interest rates.

Written by Cameron Bates

Should you finance solar with Sungage Financial solar loans?

Reviewing solar lender Sungage Financial and exploring their application process, loan terms, payback periods, and more. Should you choose them for your solar loan?

Written by Cameron Bates

How much does a tankless water heater cost?

Our comprehensive tankless water heater cost guide is here to aid you in deciding if one is right for your home

Written by Cameron Bates