Alex Sendy

Content Specialist

About Alex Sendy

Alex Sendy is a content writer and valued team member at SolarReviews.

As the son of a solar company owner, Alex since a young age has had a strong appreciation for the environment and renewable energy.

When he's not at SolarReviews you can find him playing soccer or homebrewing.

Articles by Alex Sendy

Smartflower solar tracker: a change for residential solar?

Smartflower, also referred to as the solar flower, is a smart, aesthetically pleasing innovation in solar technology. But is it right for your home?

Written by Alex Sendy

Best 300-watt solar panels for sale

The amount of power a solar 300-watt solar panel produces will depend on a number of factors, like location, temperature, and obstructions.

Written by Alex Sendy

Nissan Leaf price, cost to charge & charge time

Finally an electric car to challenge Tesla! Check out the Nissan Leaf price, cost to charge, charge time, types of chargers, and whether you should buy it.

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