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Panasonic solar panels


Panasonic has been a staple of the solar panel industry since 1975. Initially, the Japanese company focused on manufacturing amorphous thin-film solar modules.  In 1997, Panasonic shifted its focus to a new type of solar panel that it has since become known for – HIT modules. 

Panasonic solar panels are a great addition to any household because of their impressive performance and because Panasonic is a name you can trust. Our solar experts named Panasonic the 7th best solar brand for U.S. homeowners in 2024, giving them an Excellent rating. But, the quality and performance do come with a high price tag.

We'll tell you everything you need to know about Panasonic solar panels and whether they're right for your home.

Key takeaways

  • Panasonic panels typically cost about $3.10 per watt to install.
  • Panasonic uses HIT and half-cut solar cell technology so their panels can operate better under real-world conditions, and can convert more sunlight into electricity.
  • Panasonic’s solar warranty is better than most warranties on the market, guaranteeing that its panels will operate between 90% and 92% of their initial power rating after 25 years.
  • Panasonic announced they will no longer manufacture their own solar panels after March 2022. While this could lead to lower quality panels, it’s not guaranteed that the quality will change.
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What solar panels does Panasonic offer?

Panasonic’s line of solar modules, EverVolt, has a number of different series and models within it, including: 

  • EverVolt Series 
  • EverVolt K Black Series
  • EverVolt PK Black Series
  • EverVolt HK Black Series
  • EverVolt H Series
  • Evervolt PK2 Black Series
  • EverVolt HK2 Black Series

The HK2 and PK2 Series are the newest EverVolt models with impressive maximum efficiency ratings of over 22%! However, these are listed as “preliminary” on EverVolt’s website, so they might not be widely available.

Panasonic also sells the EverVolt home battery system for those interested in a solar-plus-storage system. Solar batteries store solar energy for use later, like at night or during a power outage, providing peace of mind and extra billing savings in some areas! Our experts picked the Panasonic EverVolt home battery as the best stackable solar battery of 2024.

How do Panasonic solar panels compare to other solar brands?

When our experts review solar panel brands, we look at six things: module quality, warranty, company financial performance, U.S. investment, value, and dealer network quality. Panasonic scored well enough in all categories to get our Excellent rating.

Panasonic really shines when it comes to panel performance. For years, Panasonic has used heterojunction (HJT) solar cells, which combine monocrystalline cells and thin-film materials to capture more wavelengths of light and generate more electricity.

HJT technology has also put Panasonic as the leader of the pack regarding real-world performance - EverVolt panels have some of the best temperature coefficients, meaning they perform better at higher temperatures than most panels. The EverVolt PK Black Series uses PERC technology as opposed to HJT, which doesn’t make a huge difference for homeowners.

Overall, Panasonic panels tend to be high-efficiency, high-performing panels that make a great option for homeowners looking for panels from a trusted name or those with limited roof space.

What is Panasonic’s solar panel warranty?

Panasonic has three different solar warranties depending on what equipment is installed with your system: The EverVolt AllGuard warranty, the AllGuard warranty, or the TripleGuard warranty. The following table outlines some of the terms for each type of warranty:

Warranty TripleGuard Warranty AllGuard Warranty EverVolt AllGuard warranty
Product warranty 25 years 25 years 25 years
Performance warranty (PK Series) 86% after 25 years 86% after 25 years 86% after 25 years

Performance warranty (all other EverVolt Series)

92% after 25 years 92% after 25 years 92% after 25 years
Labor warranty 25 years when installed by Authorized Installer 25 years when installed by Authorized Installer 25 years when installed by Authorized Installer
Additional equipment covered* None Modules, inverters, racking, monitoring Battery storage, storage inverter, racking

*Special conditions apply to qualify. Please review Panasonic’s official warranty terms for more details.

Panasonic offers excellent warranties, especially for customers who purchase additional equipment through Panasonic or use an Authorized Installer. The 25-year product warranty exceeds the industry standard of 12 to 15 years. Including a labor warranty when choosing an Authorized Installer is fantastic, as most solar panel brands don’t include labor warranty terms.

The performance warranty you get can vary with the model you choose. The PK Series is guaranteed to operate at 86% of its initial output after 25 years. This is a pretty average warranty. All other EverVolt models, however, are set to perform at 92% of their initial output after 25 years. That means most EverVolt panels will last longer than panels from many competitors!

The best part of Panasonic’s warranty is that it comes from Panasonic! The brand has been around for over a century, so it’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon. So, in the extremely rare event you run into an issue with your solar panels, Panasonic will be there to honor the warranty!

How much do Panasonic solar panels cost?

Panasonic solar panels cost around $3.70 per watt to install, making them more expensive than the average cost of solar. Considering Panasonic’s solid performance metrics and great warranty, it’s no wonder they’re more expensive! But you can probably find comparable panels for cheaper from brands like Qcells or Canadian Solar.

Panasonic solar power systems qualify for solar incentives and rebates, like the 30% federal solar tax credit, which lowers the overall cost of going solar. The price you pay will also depend on the installer you choose! That’s why we recommend getting at least three solar quotes.

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Pros and cons of Panasonic solar panels

Pros Cons
Impressive specs Expensive
Excellent warranty Manufactured by a third party

Reputable company


Panasonic panels come with great performance specs and a fantastic warranty. While their products’ performance falls just shy of premium brands like SunPower, they’re still excellent panels. Plus, Panasonic is a large, reputable company, and you can trust that they will honor their warranty should you need to file a claim.

One of the biggest drawbacks of getting Panasonic solar installed is that they are much more expensive than other panels. While it’s true they’re great performers and have stellar warranty options, you can get the same, if not better, from another company for a lower price. Not to mention, the boost in performance doesn’t quite outweigh the difference in price. Also, Panasonic doesn’t manufacture its own panels. While third-party panels this isn’t a deal breaker, we give bonus points to companies that produce their own products.

Would our SolarReviews experts choose Panasonic panels for their roofs?

Panasonic panels are an excellent choice for customers looking to install a high-quality, reliable solar system. Our experts would have no problem getting EverVolt panels installed on our homes so long as we could get them reasonably priced.

Some things are worth paying extra for, and we wouldn’t mind spending a little bit more money for Panasonic’s warranty or performance. But we’ve seen plenty of quotes that overcharge for Panasonic. In those cases, we would look for a cheaper solar panel option from another reliable brand.

All in all, Panasonic still got the number 7 spot on our list of top solar panel brands for 2024 and an expert rating of Excellent. If you find an installer selling Panasonic systems at a low price, you should jump at the chance!

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