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Rebates and Incentives for installing home solar electricity panels in Oklahoma

Sadly, Oklahoma has one of the lowest levels of support for renewable energy in the country. Oklahoma does have a renewable portfolio of sorts but it does not require its utilities to remit Rec's to show compliance with the obligation. Also there is only an obligation as at 2015 and no interim obligations. Oklahoma also has a net metering system but is only requires net excess electricity to be paid for at the avoided fuel cost rate rather than the full retail rate. I suggest citizens of Oklahoma should read some of the incentives available to customers in other states that are summarized on the other pages of this website and make this known to your politicians. Oklahoma residents may still choose to purchase a solar system to reduce their electricity bills as they are still entitled to the 30% federal tax credit. Click here to get some quotes

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  1. Gregor13 said at 7:29 am on 27th May 2015:

    The Federal law that governs Net Metering law (PURPA) requires state utilities to buy back excess energy, and there is discussion for a class-action lawsuit to force Oklahoma State Utilities to meet the letter of the law and that includes the opportunity to get back the full value of their investment under Interstate Commerce Law. If you would like to champion this cause contact me.

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