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Rebates, Tax Credits and other incentives home solar power panels in New Hampshire September 2012 Update;

New Hampshire has provided more funding for its small scale PV solar rebate program. The funding will ensure that those who apply in 2012 and 2013 will recieve the rebate. The NH PUC renewable energy rebate program provides an upfront rebate of $1.25 per watt for home solar power panels. There is a limit of either $4,500 or 50% of system costs, whichever is less. The program is for solar panel systems under 5kw. Click "here" for quotes from local solar professionals.

Federal Tax Credit

New Hampshire residents are entitled to the 30% Federal Tax credit for installation of home solar power systems until 2016.

New Hampshire: renewable energy portfolio standard.

New Hampshire has a renewable energy portfolio standard that includes a solar carve out. Electricity providers must source at least .15% of their electricity through Class II solar power systems in 2012 rising to .3% by 2025. There is an obligation on retailers to pay $162.50 per MWh of power if they do not surrender enough Recs to meet this obligation and this underpins a level of real value in the solar Recs market in this state. 1 REC is equivalent to 1 MWh of power and a system owner gets about 1 REC per kilowatt per year meaning and annual income for a 5kw system, assuming a REC price of $150 would be $750 per year. With this incentive, the federal tax credit and the rising price of power a home solar power system can be a great investment in New Hampshire.

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