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Solar Power Rebates, Tax Credits and Solar Panel Incentives in Georgia; 2012 Update

Georgia has not enacted any meaningful Renewable Portfolio Standard or RPS many other states have an RPS and this seems to always deliver a better overall package of incentives to those who would like to install solar power. However there are some incentives for those Georgian folk who want to go solar.

Federal Tax Credit

A significant financial incentive for your solar power system in Georgia is the same Federal Tax Credit that applies right across the USA. This gives you a credit on your Federal Tax bill equivalent to 30% of the cost of your solar system For more information on this visit out page "The 30% federal tax credit for residential solar power systems" Because this is a tax credit you get the benefit of this when you do your next federal tax return, rather than getting a cheque on the day of installation. Still, it has a real value if you are in a position where you are paying annual federal income tax equivalent to 30% or more of the value of your solar panel system.

Georgia State Rebates

Georgia has Clean Energy Tax Credit (Personal) is equal to 35% of the cost of the residential system (including installation), with a maximum incentive of $2,500 for solar water heat and $10,500 for solar PV. There is limited funding is scheduled to be $5 million until 2014 when the system will be reviewed, and must be taken in equal amounts over four years. Update: due to a high level of interest, the Clean Energy Tax Credit annual funding of $5 million for years 2012, 2013 and 2014 has been fully allocated to compensate applicants wait listed from previous years. The Georgia Environmental Finance Authority is continuing to accept and process applications. If denied by the Georgia Department of Revenue, these applications will be added to a waiting list, prioritized by postmark, for possible credit allocation in a future year.

Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation recently announced a "rebate program" where residents receive a $450 rebate for every kW of solar PV modules installed. There are also rebates available from various state utilities, as these rebates have various restrictions the best way to get the most up to date information on the rebate levels is to use the facility here to get three, free quotes from installers who service your area and know the state of play with your local utility.

Net Metering

Net Metering generally means that your electricity provider will monitor how much power you consume from the grid and how much power you generate and send back to the grid. Utilities must offer bi-directional metering or single directional metering to customers, depending on how the customer's facility is connected to the grid. Net excess generation (NEG) is credited to the customer's next bill at a predetermined rate filed with the Georgia Public Service Commission. Alternatively, a customer may choose to sell all electricity from a system (rather than using the electricity generated by the system) by connecting ahead of the meter. Customers should contact their utility to see if it offers net metering.

Georgia Solar Incentives and investment case: Summary April 2012

Georgia has a reasonable overall package of incentives to help people get into solar power. It really needs to implement a decent Renewable Portfolio Standard or RPS as states that have gone down this path generally end up with a better overall package of incentives than those that don't. One of the biggest factors in deciding if you should go solar in Georgia is the price of power, it's expensive and it's going to get more expensive.

2 Comments on “SolarReviews | Georgia Solar Power Rebates and Incentives”

  1. USolarMan said at 8:16 am on 1st October 2013:

    The Georgia 'Clean Energy Property' Tax Credit is 30% of cost of system or $10,500 max.limit (not a "rebate of $2500") it is listed by G.E.F.A. & for more info. SolarMan

  2. Solar Energy USA said at 12:53 pm on 25th April 2013:

    There is no more state of Georgia solar tax credit - the fund was exhausted in October 2012.

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