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Solar Power Rebates, Tax Credits and Solar Panel Incentives in Arkansas; 2012 Update

Arkansas has not implemented a renewable portfolio standard or a renewable energy goal and as such has fallen behind most other states. Arkansas does have a Net Metering system, but and it is a big but, Arkansas does not require Utilities to buy green or solar power from its customers. It seems this state is more interested in energy efficiency measures than encouraging solar power installations.

Federal Tax Credit

The most significant financial incentive for your solar power system in Arkansas is the same Federal Tax Credit that applies right across the USA. This gives you a credit on your Federal Tax bill equivalent to 30% of the cost of your solar system For more information on this visit out page "The 30% federal tax credit for residential solar power systems" Because this is a tax credit you get the benefit of this when you do your next federal tax return, rather than getting a cheque on the day of installation. Still, it has a real value if you are in a position where you are paying annual federal income tax equivalent to 30% or more of the value of your solar system.

Arkansas State based Incentives and Programs

Arkansas does have a Net Metering program but it does not require the Utilities to pay for excess power your solar power system puts back into the grid. So you need to design a system that doesn't exceed what you need. The best way to do this is to talk to your local professional installers, click "here" to get quotes. You can store Kw hours as credits against your next bill but after a 12 month cycle any credits you have accumulated will revert back to your Utility in essence you are giving them free power to sell to your neighbor.

Arkansas Solar Incentives and investment case: Summary April 2012

Well folks if you live in this fine state and are looking to get into solar power for your home you are probably not very happy with your legislators and fair enough too. You do have the Federal 30% tax rebate and a very ordinary Net Metering program. At the end of the day more needs to be done in Arkansas if solar power systems are to become installed in larger numbers. Arkansas is a good location for solar and my bet there is some pent up demand there from frustrated potential solar customers. The best thing to do is click "here" if you would like to be contacted by professional solar installers in your state.

1 Comments on “SolarReviews | Arkansas Solar Power Rebates and Incentives”

  1. Carolyn said at 5:26 pm on 10th February 2013:

    I was not born in Ark. and I don't live here by choice but out of necessitiy. Where I grew up we were taught not to give away free what you can sell. So, it looks like the Ark. legislators are allowing the utility companies to bend the people of Ark. over a chair without lubrication. The sun is free and should be free to everyone not just some. Why should a utility company be allowed to steal from me and profit from it. If I had solar power I'd make sure I didn't exceed my needs or if I did I'd run my own extention cord over to my neighbors and charge them directly for the power I had extra and cut out the middle man.

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