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Types of Solar PV Panels

Going solar involves research to learn more about the solutions that will work best for your need. That said, this infographic does a great job of highlighting the different types of solar pv panels and their technologies.

Solar PV Panels

2 Comments on “Types of Solar PV Panels”

  1. Jesse said at 2:58 pm on 13th February 2013:

    Bobby - there are incentives to help with the cost of solar. One is the 30% federal tax credit. Many utilities also offer incentives. I'd visit this page to see what is offered in Texas...

  2. Bobby Galvan said at 2:54 pm on 5th February 2013:

    Thank you for this information. My sister lives in a 2 story home in Richmond,TX. I was wondering if the government offers a plan to help my sister apply solar energy to help her cut the cost of electric. Summers here in Texas are extremely hot through October. My sister is the mother of 3 girls that currently live with her. I would like to help her find a solution to her high electric bills. She is unaware that I am doing this and I would love to surprise her. Thank you. Bobby Galvan

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