Who are the 10 best solar energy companies in Hawaii based on solar company reviews?

SolarReviews helps you find the best solar installer by sharing below the largest collection of consumer solar company reviews of solar panel companies currently operating in Hawaii. Some of these solar companies have also agreed to supply live pricing through the site if you request a solar quote, by entering your zip code above.

There are now more solar power companies operating in Hawaii than ever before and more choice of solar products and solar installation companies to speak to about a solar system. The solar tax credit, great long term savings, net metering and an abundance of zero down solar lease and solar loan products are making home solar more popular.

Right across the solar industry in the United States consumer reviews have shown that local installers enjoy the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The large corporate solar companies such as Vivint Solar, Solar City Tesla and Sunrun have much lower reviews scores than local solar companies.

ProSolar Hawaii

5.00 based on 39 reviews
74-5484 Kaiwi Street, Suite 1-A110,, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
Pre-screened Solar Pro Top 100 solar installers Top 100 solar installers of all time

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric, Solar Pool Heating, Wind Turbines, Energy Audits, Storage, Energy Monitoring

Ryan and his crew did a great and quick job installing the system. Loving the savings!

Pacific Energy, LLC.

5.00 based on 52 reviews
340 Ohukai Rd STE 207, Kihei, HI 96753
Top 100 solar installers of all time

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric, Energy Audits, Storage, Energy Monitoring

Daryl stood out early when I began searching for a local PV installer. His friendly honesty, willingness to answer all of my many questions and scenarios in a timely fashion, documentation and excellent graphical modeling of his proposal all exceeded everyone else I contacted in the industry. His proposal came first, was the strongest to meet my needs, came organized with a realistic annual production model and attractive graphics of my proposed panel layout. He even graphically modeled my equipment rack with batteries. Few people, even fewer contractors, can meet my level of attention to detail. Daryl exceeded my expectations in every way. He used the highest quality products, used the best installation techniques, took great care of my existing masonry tile roofing, and skirted all of my panels nicely to meet local HOA requirements and then some. Speaking of the HOA, he navigated their strict requirements with ease. I never had to get involved.

He is one of Maui's authorized Tesla dealers and I went with a Tesla PowerWall backup which operates flawlessly and looks incredible. When the install was complete Daryl gave me everything I needed to register my panels for their extended warranty. Even with the install complete he answers questions quickly and remains engaged in the operation and production of the system. During the bid process, before I selected Pacific Energy, one of the largest installers on Maui told me I'd need to place a deposit in order to have any of my questions answered or to have my proposed layout modeled, not so with Daryl. At least 3 of my neighbors are looking to have Daryl do projects on their homes, both new installs and existing system upgrades.

Northwest Solar Solutions

3.00 based on 2 reviews
11200 Sun Center Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Be aware with Northwest Exteriors


Office location: Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

I making this post just to share my bad experience with Northwest exteriors, and help YOU with your decision, please search, do your work, please do a favor your self, do not hire Northwest Exteriors, is not the same a good salesman than cheap labor installers, damage is already done at my house, this company use a non experience labor for installation, aprendices per their own statement, manager never show up to see the performance or quality of this work, they make a big mess, cut frames with grinders and concrete blades, damage walls during installation, damage new windows during installation, cuts are terrible, not to mention sliding glass doors, after days waiting for the "special day" of the new windows installation everything go wrong, to make the history short yes, they try to fix the situation, they used the same Glass from the broken windows and mix with different frames to "make it right" what they don't know is a new window should be a new window, a new door should be a new door, yes, a second mess.. now I not only have a repaired windows installed, I do have damage walls repaired, my house alarm system useless, rooms with touch of paints with no paint match, etc. Not happy at all, a truly nightmare Tom Otts who people call "the owner" is try to make a 50% off but no pay for damages, not acceptable at all I want a new product, I want a new windows, new doors and now he is trying to put a lien in my house, yes I accept the discount to end with this nightmare but he don't want to pay for damages, you can be the judge, at the end I know this will be resolve one way or another, if I want used windows I may got it from a swap meet, but please just consider this post in mind, also if you had any problems with this company please contact me we can get together, check your Job, check your windows, check for possible leaks, you as a customer deserve to be happy. If you still decide to go with Northwest Exteriors just keep in mind this review, your home is the most valuable asset. I know this is on reference to solar panels but is good to now how they are with other products

Services: Residential Solar Electric



The efficient is not like they promise.
Be aware salesman are liars, the system is attached to your house title and they are not helpful when you need a documentation, everything is so slow .

Penelope Cruz


Office location: Dallas, TX 75220

Solar City is the worst decision of my life and is now costing me 30,000. I was lied to from day one!!! No savings at all. My electric bills were more than double. I'm a single mom and because my bills have been outrageous I've been forced to sell my house of 12 years. I will still need to pay out the lien they put on my home at closing. I worked so hard for my family and now all the equality in my home will go to a crooked corporate company. All because I I wanted to save money so badly I believed the lies. They told me it would be easy to transfer but that's not true and NO ONE wants to take over such a horrible lease.

gnh solar

No reviews
85929 niihau st, apt a, waianae, HI 96792

American Electric

4.88 based on 8 reviews
315 Sand Island Access Road, Honolulu, HI 96819

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric


Everything American Electric did was very well organized. Miriam was wonderful at keeping us informed about each step. Each person on the job was very professional, responsive, helpful and friendly. Great company!

Bonterra Solar

3.50 based on 6 reviews
4218 Waialae Avenue, #A203, Honolulu, HI 96816

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric, Solar Hot Water (Thermal), Solar Pool Heating



Made alot of promises during sales pitch that could not be delivered at time of installation. Continually sent different people to work on service problems, all contridicting each others stories on why there were problems. When they couldn't fix the problem they stopped all contact. Still haven't fixed problems.

Borco Inc.

No reviews
P.O. Box 6390, Kaneohe, HI 96744

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2.98 based on 612 reviews

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Honolulu, HI

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Kailua, HI

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