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SolarReviews releases the 2023 ranking of The Best Solar Panel Manufacturers

SolarReviews Ranks the Top 10 U.S. Solar Panel Manufacturers

#1 Solar Panel Brand Qcells is assembled in the U.S.A. and boasts a 25-year product and performance warranty

January 31, 2023 –  Today, SolarReviews released their annual solar manufacturer ranking list, elevating Qcells and Canadian Solar to the top spots. The ranking system objectively evaluated the top solar panels available in 2023 and found that Qcells and Canadian Solar stood out for product reliability in terms of solar performance and their financial strength. The full ranking can be found here, and a quick breakdown of the scoring system can be found here.

The SolarReviews editorial committee of industry experts developed the scoring methodology to score and rank the 10 most popular solar panel brands in the U.S. for 2023. The scoring methodology was designed to provide consumers with a long-term outlook into solar panel brand performance and value, recognizing that solar panels have warranties for 25 years and consumers need to know they can trust their panels for their warrantied lifetime.

The Solar Panel Manufacturer Scoring System was used to analyze hundreds of data points drawn from solar panel spec sheets, company financial statements, and state-level government statistics to score each solar panel brand. The ranking covers diverse factors, including each panel’s overall value, module quality, warranty, and the manufacturer’s financial strength and investment in the U.S. market.

“2022 was a unique year for solar panels, where supply chain issues hindered the availability of panels, and potential forced labor in overseas manufacturing facilities halted some shipments altogether. But, at the same time, the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act is making solar more accessible. Due to all of these factors, SolarReviews wanted to provide a list of great manufacturers that consumers and solar installers can trust.” said Andy Sendy, President of SolarReviews.

“At Qcells, we’re on a mission to put clean energy into hyperdrive with the best, most sustainable solar panels in the nation,” said David Chang, Head of Residential Sales at Qcells North America. “We are proud of our products, best-in-class warranties, and turnkey services, so switching to clean energy is the easiest decision for a customer to make. Whether a homeowner wants to switch to solar to save money on their energy bills, reduce pollution, or better the community, we are ready to put our products and services to work to achieve all those goals and more. That’s why we’re honored to have been chosen by SolarReviews as the #1 solar panel brand in the U.S.”

Qcells is one of the world’s leading clean energy companies, recognized for its established reputation as a manufacturer of high-performance as well as high-quality solar cells and panels. Qcells strives to offer completely clean energy through the full spectrum of photovoltaic products, intelligent storage solutions, renewable electricity contracting, and large-scale solar power plants. Earlier this month, Qcells announced it would invest over $2.5 billion to build a complete solar supply chain in the United States, from raw materials to finished panels. As part of this announcement, Qcells will increase its solar panel assembly by an additional 2 gigawatts at its existing facility in Dalton, Georgia. They will be the first clean energy company to have a fully integrated, silicon-based supply chain in the US.

“We are honored to be ranked the #2 Best Solar Panel Manufacturer for 2023. This award recognizes Canadian Solar’s quality of panel workmanship, industry-leading module efficiency and warranty, full system capabilities, and trusted customer relationships. SolarReviews is a respected organization that brings homeowners the information they need to make informed choices, and we are proud to be included on this list.” – Thomas Koerner, Corporate Vice President, Global Sales, MSS Business Unit.

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