SolarReviews announces employee incentive to promote sustainability


In celebration of the 50th annual Earth Day, is announcing an incentive to help its employees further embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Starting today, SolarReviews will provide up to a $10,000 bonus to employees who purchase either a fully-electric vehicle or home energy storage.

Incentive details is proud to announce a unique effort to reward our employees for making climate-minded decisions. Effective immediately, and in recognition of Earth Day, team members who have been with the company for two years or longer are eligible for financial incentives when purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle or home energy storage.

What makes an employee eligible?

Employees automatically become eligible for the incentive after completing two years of employment with SolarReviews.

How does the incentive work?

Upon the purchase of an electric vehicle or home energy storage, they will receive a $6,000 bonus. For each subsequent year of tenure, an employee will receive an additional $1,000 towards the bonus (with a $10,000 cap).

In the event that an employee chooses to lease an electric vehicle, the incentive will be paid over 5 years at a rate of $2,000 per year.

What types of electric vehicles count towards this incentive?

Any street-legal, fully-electric vehicle will count towards this incentive. Examples include:

What types of home energy storage count towards this incentive?

Eligible home energy storage systems to supplement a home solar installation include:

Why did SolarReviews choose to incentivize EVs and storage?

While residential solar is an excellent and affordable way to combat climate change, it’s simply not enough. Electric vehicles and home energy storage are great supplements to solar, but it’s currently much more difficult to make these financially pencil out.

SolarReviews is incentivizing these technologies for employees, as we believe they need a kickstart in order to one day meet the affordability of solar. We believe we’re one of the first companies in America with this type of employee incentive, and we’re calling on other companies to help make sustainable living more affordable for their employees, as well.