LG Introduces Home Energy Storage Systems to North America, Joining Increasing Competition

LG Introduces Home Energy Storage Systems to North America, Joining Increasing Competition

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South Korea’s LG Chem is bringing its residential energy storage systems in the US and Canada. Starting in 2013 the company began introducing the lithium-ion-based battery systems in Asia, Europe and Australia. 

Residential and commercial energy storage systems are gaining popularity and more companies are offering them, from Tesla and SolarCity to BMW and NRG Energy. They can be combined with solar systems or even installed by themselves to help reduce a customer’s energy prices by reducing their use of energy during peak demand hours when electric prices are higher in certain markets. They can also be used to sell energy back to the electric grid. LG has already partnered with Sunrun and has installed systems both in Hawaii and California.LG's residential energy storage system. Courtesy LG

“LG Chem’s entry into the North American residential battery market is based on much planning, product development and system testing,” said Peter Gibson, head of ESS sales for LG Chem in North America. The company recently received UL certification, allowing it to sell in the US. 

“We’re confident that our experience gained in Europe and Asia, coupled with strong inverter and distribution partners, will deliver exceptional performance and reliability for our residential customers in the U.S. and Canada,” Gibson said. “Customers can now enhance the benefits of their residential solar systems by using our batteries to maximize consumption of solar energy, and to use the batteries as a dependable source of energy during grid interruptions.”

The residential units are offered in sizes up to 9.8 kilowatt hours, according to LG. The battery systems are designed for AC and DC installations and are matched with inverters. They’re available in sizes as small as 3.3 kilowatt hours. 

The company will continue to work with Sunrun and is talking with other companies to expand its distribution throughout the US and Canada. Already the company is working with other companies to ensure its systems are compatible with their systems. For instance it’s 9.8 kilowatt hour product system is compatible with SolarEdge’s StorEdge, a DC-coupled inverter for both solar panels and energy storage.

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