More Than Half of US Adults Interested in Solar, Even More Support Solar Mandates

More Than Half of US Adults Interested in Solar, Even More Support Solar Mandates

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Fully 63 percent of US adults support state mandates for solar power on new homes and 58 percent of adults in the US are interested in adding solar power to their homes, according to recent Morning Consult polls. The polls reached 2201 adults across the US and come after California became the first state in the nation to enact such a mandate in May.

Morning Consult conducted its most recent poll between June 14 and 18. The most recent poll found that 73 percent of Democrats and 57 percent of Republicans would support a mandate for solar on new homesSolar Mandate Support. Courtesy Morning Collective

In a separate poll from May 25 to 31 Morning Consult found that 58 percent of US adults would consider installing solar on their homes. That poll also found that on 22 percent said no while 20 percent were unsure or had no opinion on whether or not to go solar on their home.

“It’s pretty encouraging, especially since it’s not a 58/42 split,” said Dan Whitten, Solar Energy Industries Association spokesperson, in a recent Morning Consult interview. 

In the May poll, Morning Consult also found that more residents in the West, 64 percent, would consider installing solar on their home. That’s more than the 48 percent of those in the Northeast who would consider installing solar power, noted Morning Consult’s Jacquline Toth, in a piece about the polls

Whitten also noted that that the high numbers of those who would consider going solar don’t always translate into more people actually going solar. “As you go into deeper levels of commitments, the numbers start to fall,” he said. While the more recent poll showed support for solar mandates for new homes, Whitten also observed that it doesn’t appear other states are currently taking such actions.

The May poll showed that 53 percent of respondents would consider solar power even though they said it’s harder for first-time homebuyers to afford a home now than it was just five years ago. There also is some concern that cost of solar on new homes in California will increase up-front home costs as well. But solar power can save them money on their electric bills reducing the overall cost of homeownership over time. 

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