Maui, Mad Mole, Canal Park Breweries win “Brews From the Sun” Awards

Maui, Mad Mole, Canal Park Breweries win “Brews From the Sun” Awards

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Breweries are going solar! This year 44 breweries competed in the second annual Brews from the Sun competition, with more than 13,000 people voting on their favorite breweries that are powered by solar. 

The Brews from the Sun competition, put on by Solar United Neighbors and NewAge Industries’ BrewSavor, had three categories: Regional, Microbrew and Brewpub. Hawaii’s Maui Brewing Co. won the regional brewery category, North Carolina’s Mad Mole Brewing won the microbrewery category, Minnesota’s Canal Park Brewing Company won the brewpub category. Brew From the Sun. Courtesy Odell's United Solar Neighbors

“We are inspired by the many breweries around the country who are looking to the sun to power their beer,” said Anya Schoolman, Solar United Neighbors Executive Director. “They’re setting a great example not just for other breweries, but for everyone who can save money and take control of where their energy comes from by going solar.” 

Maui Brewing is already 80% powered by the sun with a 1.2 megawatt solar array and anticipates being 100% solar power powered by the end of 2019 as it adds in energy storage. It also uses solar thermal power to heat water for brewing. 

"We’re honored to be selected as America's Favorite Solar Craft Brewery for 2019,” said Garrett Marrero, Maui Brewing Company’s Founder and CEO. “Since our beginning in 2005, Maui Brewing has always been committed to sustainability. Brewing our beer and now distilling spirits with grid-independence makes sense for our business and the environment. We’re leading the charge to demonstrate it is possible to manufacture high-quality beverages and be mindful of the community and the environment." 

Mad Mole is the only solar powered brewery in Wilmington, NC, according to Solar United Neighbors. The brewery opened in 2018 and uses a 22 kilowatt system to power the brewery. 

Canal Park Brewing Co. went solar this year. “We're thrilled that so many people voted for us. We’ve been working towards installing solar since we opened in 2012, so just getting the panels up and running was a huge win for us,” said Paul Kaz, owner of Canal Park Brewing Company. “Winning American's Favorite Solar Craft Brewpub was icing on the cake. We're so grateful for the support of our staff, those involved in designing and implementing our system, and of course every one of our customers who voted and continues to support us by stopping in for solar-powered craft beer!"

It’s not just craft breweries that are going solar, either. Budweiser’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch is going 100% renewable, with breweries across the world being powered by wind and solar power. 

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