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RexMerding | East Freetown, Massachusetts | 05/14/2022

Did my research and made the right choice

I decided in late 2021 I wanted to go solar. I met with 6 installers over a 3 month period including Sunrun, Trinity, Momentum, two small companies, and Ross from Venture Solar. Venture was the most professional, thorough, detail oriented, and did not make me feel pressured in the slightest. I ultimately chose Venture because of the value of the service plan and production guarantee they offer in addition to their track record and my general interactions with them. Wow, we was impressed! Everything didn’t go as promised— it went better! Communication was excellent, and the system is performing wonderfully. We look forward to producing clean energy and saving and would highly recommended Venture to anyone in the Massachusetts area considering solar panels.

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notacouch | South Ozone Park, New York | 05/09/2022

Save yourself, stay away from VS

I chose Venture Solar due to a relative’s excellent experience with then back when they used SunPower panels, their excellent sales (my relative’s sales agent’s protégé was our sales agent), for the best bang for the buck, their and their bank’s (Sunnova) incentives, and that they’d have dedicated teams to help with any aspect of service as opposed to third party for the life of the project/lease. Please save yourself, do not go with Venture Solar (VS), they are not the company they once were. Everything has been a nightmare for so long to the extent their own employees have been quitting in droves. We entered contract with them mid November 2021. (Bear in mind we did not live on the property until February 2022.) They called to setup the panels in December. The setup team came *without any panels* and did the prep work so once they had panels—whenever that would be—they’d be able to install them. The 1st red flag is that one day in December they finished installed the panels without anyone even informing us. They didn’t have the courtesy to let us know they’d be doing things on our property??? We have no idea what they did or when, but they left thick pieces of plastic, metal, large screws, alllll over my property, driveway, and street. We are still finding pieces to this day. Terrible. The first Department of Buildings (DoB) inspection also happened in December. The 2nd red flag… VS sends an agent of theirs for every DoB inspection. This agent was there and ready for the appointment but was never informed by VS that the DoB had already cancelled and rescheduled due to scheduled inspector having gotten COVID. The ridiculousness that ensued trying to get followup inspections and their status through December and January was excused due to the “holidays” and so many people being out. It’s now clear however they were an administrative disaster at that point already. We had multiple inspections in January and not a single person on VS could explain to me if we had passed or failed or what. Every single VS agent sent for the inspections were unqualified to be doing anything. All they would do is unscrew things. In the process, they ruined power to the house every time they played with the panel, we had to hire our own electrician to fix this before we moved in, and VS has absolutely no notes of us reporting this issue. They’ve already costed us hundreds of dollars. But you know what, let’s just get the solar going. Part of the contract is that we’d have a new panel they would provide. We were informed that was just there as a novelty. But it actually impacts the inspection. Was able to figure this out from the comments the inspector was making. I had to keep asking VS multiple times a week to send someone qualified to actually fix our panel to pass the inspection instead of redoing the inspection over and over. Eventually they sent an electrician… but he had no idea why he was there, what was the issue keeping us from passing. He literally spent the whole day on the panel, cleaned it up, did God knows what. And that was the last time I ever heard from VS. I kept badgering them to make a new appointment with DoB to no avail. We moved in on February 13th, 2022, the next morning the DoB was there with a VS agent that had scrambled to get to us because he had no idea about the appointment. I let them in. The DoB inspector laughed at VS because it’s not even the first reinspection and there’s still no significant change. Only one thing passed. DoB showed up again one morning with another VS agent I never heard of, and I didn’t let them in the house as they never fixed the problem nor did they tell me of this appointment (for the second time!). I called VS and Sunnova repeatedly and most front line support for VS don’t even take detailed notes if any at all. Eventually I got the regional manager’s number, his name is Luis. I called and left messages repeatedly. I had to get in touch with our sales agent who got on top of things internally after which Luis finally called us the third week of March. If not for sales he never even heard of me or my problems. He proved he is not checking support cases escalated to him nor voicemails. He set up an appointment with an electrician to fix the issue the same week and said he would set up DoB inspection for the next week. The electrician came and fixed the problem — the ground was connecting to plastic, ie the panel wasn’t grounded, it needed metallic pieces there. But we have never heard from VS since then. Not one single call returned. 1.5 months and counting. Not even a surprise DoB inspection which would be welcome at this point. I tried to go the sales route again but our awesome sales guy quit. The Customer Experience team can only escalate and give me names and apologize for the lack of follow ups and for being under staffed. The only change in my account is some manager guy named Scott noted he would call me. Never did. It is now May 2022 going on 6 months now, in what could have been done in less than 1 month. Why is it so hard to even get 1 call returned!?! Patently pathetic. Oh. Not to mention the promised critter guard. I have called about this since December, not sure why no one can answer me about this. The sales guy did confirm it was on back order but their CX team is radio silent. Honestly at this point I just want my life to be clean of VS altogether. I wish they would come and take their garbage off my roof. But I’m afraid that might 1. take years to do, 2. damage my roof in the process. I have absolutely no confidence in VS to manage the panels for the next few minutes let alone decades. I have alerts from Enphase (the app for their microinverters) having detected legitimate problems with the system and not a peep from VS. I just want this nightmare to be over. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have to remove the panels myself.

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stratford140 | Stratford, Connecticut | 04/28/2022

Excellent service and installation.

Very professional company. Explained process and materials used, showed a video of installation on roof. They took pictures of home, went on roof and used a drone to check the roof and verify number of solar panels that could be installed on my home. It took about 4 months from when Venture Solar first came to my home and signed up for it, to have the town, electric company approve the installation, get the system, install it, town inspection, electric company inspection and then turning it on. I love the phone app to check on the status of panels and see how they are doing each day. First month - was turned on part way and electric bill fell to $75, next full month - electric bill was $25. (March and April). No pressure to buy system.

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Sheila | Old Bridge, New Jersey | 04/24/2022

Very happy with Venture

There are a lot of solar companies to choose from and I'm glad I decided to go with Venture. From the beginning the consultant, Juli, was very professional and knowledgeable, and she answered my questions without being pushy like the other companies I met with. I was well informed throughout the process, from permitting to installation. It's nice to do business with a local company that genuinely appreciates my business and follows through with customer service. I highly recommend Venture!

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Joe | Netcong, New Jersey | 04/13/2022

Nice pitch, little support when there are any issues

I got Venture Solar installed and turned on in December of 2021. The setup itself was a mostly smooth process with a few red flag exceptions, including: 1. Being sold on a critter guard, and then when it was never installed, eventually being told it was on back order. There is still no critter guard, and no communication on if or when it might be installed. 2. The constant misleading emails about being in different stages of the process, always being a previous part that had already been settled. Now, in an ongoing attempt to set up the promised PJM-EIS account to sell back what energy isn't used, a main selling point for installing such an expensive and time-consuming system, I can't seem to get any help from Venture now that the setup keeps getting rejected. The information Venture has shared does not match what was shared with the state of NJ, and after 4 months and dozens of emails, I can't get confirmation of the information needed, or even a reply to an email at this stage. The chat bot on their site is very sorry for my inconvenience though. This might be a good company with a one off issue here, but maybe if as much was invested in the support and not just the selling, I wouldn't be looking for ways to get out of this quagmire.

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Reply from Venture Solar: Hi Joe! I see that our team has touched base with you regarding your concerns and feedback throughout the solar installation. We remain committed to our customer's happiness and your satisfaction. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to and we will be happy to assist any way we are able. Call 1-800-203-4158 and select option 1

Duane Orloske | Guilford, Connecticut | 04/07/2022

Venture Solar was GREAT

We had been looking at a number of companies to purchase a solar system from and Venture Solar came out on top. We live on a highly wooded property, which was one of the main reasons we moved here. Some companies told us we had to agree to cut down most of the trees around our house or they would not even give us an estimate. Venture came out and designed a system to give us 79% energy independence without cutting down even one tree. Their attention to detail and their excellent communications, every step of the way, made it a very stress free experience. Other than signing the contract we did not have to do anything. They handled all of the paperwork with permits and coordination with our utility company. They even handle financing the project and gave us a rate that was a no brainer to accept. Everyone we worked with from sales to installation to customer service were polite, attentive, and above all honest and truthful. We cannot recommend them enough. And oh yes, after just over one week we are already seeing nearly a 50% reduction in the electricity we get from our utility company and are looking forward to even more as summer comes. If this continues it will way more than cover our loan payments for the system and still leave us with large savings on our electric bill. We cannot imagine why anyone would not want to go solar; so when you do we highly recommend you do it with Venture Solar.

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Reply from Venture Solar: Thank you so much for your kind words Duane! We look forward to continuing to serve you with your solar needs as a valued Venture Solar customer.

Lm | Staten Island, New York | 03/28/2022

Stay away!!!!

0 stars stay away. They promised me and did not live up to there promises. From damaging my house to have there workers drop stuff off the house. Paying double for electricity costs. 0 stars stay away!!!

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Reply from Venture Solar: Hi LM! I see that our team has touched base with you regarding your concerns and feedback throughout the solar installation. We remain committed to our customer's happiness and your satisfaction. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to and we will be happy to assist any way we are able. Call 1-800-203-4158 and select option 1

Harrison | Far Rockaway, New York | 02/21/2022

Great Company & Customer Service

I chose Venture because of their reputation for excellent customer service. They have completely delivered in that regard. They use all in-house contractors and electricians and went above and beyond to accommodate me (had to be extra careful bc of Covid concerns and my medical history) anyways if you are considering Solar I highly recommend them - the entire process is easy and professionally executed. Thanks Tasha, Roger, Adam and team

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Reply from Venture Solar: Thank you so much for your kind words Harrison! We look forward to continuing to serve you with your solar needs as a valued Venture Solar customer.

Vincenco Giambanco | Staten Island, New York | 02/14/2022

Venture solar is the best solar company in the region. They are very professional and do beautiful work. They have gone above and beyond to answer any questions or resolve any issues I’ve had. Will definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in going solar.

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Reply from Venture Solar: Thank you so much for your kind words Vincenco! We look forward to continuing to serve you with your solar needs as a valued Venture Solar customer.

Murph Durham | Durham, Connecticut | 02/10/2022

Strong Customer Service

Venture Solar handled the entire process well. There were bumps in the road with inspections, weather, the utility, the state. Patience is a virtue and my patience paid off. I have a beautifully installed working solar system. I love that fact that one panel failure won't cause a system crash. I love the fact that I can monitor the system 24/7. I love the fact that I now have one contact for communication and that, when necessary, a Senior Manager intervened to solve issues in days, not weeks. I feel that the principals are truly dedicated to making Venture "the best" in the industry and I believe that is and will continue to be.

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Reply from Venture Solar: Thanks so much, Murph! Looking forward to helping you again.

Dragonetti | Framingham, Massachusetts | 01/24/2022

The whole process was easy. They walked us through step by step. The only delay we had was waiting for the electric company to come and install the new meters. The electric company is on their own schedule.

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Reply from Venture Solar: We are very glad to know that you had a great experience! Thank you!

phil marston | Marshfield, Massachusetts | 01/20/2022

I interviewed several solar companies before going with Venture Solar and I have not regretted my decision. My sales person Neil Shea was great and he focused on a system design that was best for me and not necessarily the most profitable for them. I had other companies bid using inferior quality products and wanting to mount them where I did not want them simply because it would be easier for them to install. My research led me to believe that you need to be careful about who you trust, and my experience with Venture has been a positive one.

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Reply from Venture Solar: Thank you so much for your kind words Phil! We look forward to continuing to serve you with your solar needs as a valued Venture Solar customer.

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