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Dave Watson 1 week ago

We were happy with our dealings with the Sun Badger team. From the initial sales contact through the installation process, our project went fairly smoothly. There were some minor hook up issues, but were taken care of promptly.

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Ben, over 1 month

We have mixed feelings about our experience with Sun Badger Solar. In short, the equipment itself is great and the sales and installation teams were outstanding. However, a simple miscalculation on Sun Badger’s part, and refusal to own up to the mistake from upper level leadership, including the president, Trevor Sumner, really soured our experience so we cannot recommend Sun Badger. In our experience, it appears Sun Badger put profit over customer commitment. Here’s more detail, for those to whom it’d be helpful. The positives: Everything about our experience with our salesperson, Jake H., was outstanding. He helped us understand all our options, thoroughly addressed questions, and ensured that we were making the best possible decision for our needs and property. About a week before the installation was scheduled, we found out that the panels we had planned on were not available, but that a similar higher-producing panel in the same size was. Sun Badger offered to swap these in, like for like, which we very much appreciated. The panels themselves are high quality and performing as they should be. The negatives: On the day of the install the installation crew informed us that the number of panels Sun Badger had laid out in their design would not fit. Our roof surface is a simple rectangle, so calculating the number of panels should be simple math. Had we known the original panels wouldn’t fit when we should have known—right after the engineering site visit—we would have re-designed with different panels that would get us closer to our energy production goals. Instead, we were faced with a day-of-install decision of either delaying our project until the following year to accommodate a redesign (and therefore accept a lower federal rebate rate), or opt for a lower-producing system. We went with the latter. This caused another issue on the financing side since we had signed the financing documents at the beginning of the process, and could not now change those documents with our lender. Sun Badger did credit us for the panels that were not installed, and they have assured us that they’ve changed the loan process so that this won’t happen to future customers. With regards to the miscalculation, Sun Badger says they’ve made system changes to avoid this error in the future. However, when we approached Sun Badger for any sort of good-faith gesture of compensation to help make this right for us, the best they could do was an Amazon or restaurant gift card. Sun Badger largely avoided owning responsibility for the error and the long-term negative impact it will cause us over the life of the panels. Sun Badger also avoided apologies by saying things like, “at the end of the day, you still have a great system and are getting thousands back in rebates.” While true, we are not getting our planned return on investment. The empty words and platitudes don’t address the problem.

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$19,031 - $23,261

Average payback time

Annual power production

14,627 kWh

Levelized cost of solar energy

Levelized cost per kWh is the cost of the solar system divided by the total number of kWh produced by a solar system over it’s lifetime.

6¢ kWh

If you don't get solar

20¢ kWh

Forecast average IL electric rates over the next 25 years

Installers description for their business

Sun Badger Solar provides high quality, professionally designed solar arrays to home and business owners in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Customer satisfaction is our top priority! We treat each project as if it was our own home or business. Sun Badger utilizes the newest technologies on the market to insure your system is built to last, with only Tier One equipment. Our staff has over a decade of experience in the Solar industry, and can help find the best, most economical solution to your energy needs. We also have multiple financing options that can help make solar a reality for anyone on any budget! *Minnesota solar installations, including the mounting of panels/modules, are performed by a Minnesota licensed electrical contractor.

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ILLINOIS - Arlington Heights

2420 E. Oakton Street Unit K, Arlington Heights IL, 60005

WISCONSIN - Milwaukee

2625 S. Greeley Street Suite 215, Milwaukee WI, 53207

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1300 Lagoon Ave, Minneapolis MN, 55408

FLORIDA - Estero

20813 Corkscrew Shores Blvd, Estero FL, 33928

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1680 Fruitville Road, Sarasota FL, 34236

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Residential solar - Grid tied

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