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Updated: 05 October 2017

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Jennifer | Towson, Maryland | 03/12/2021

The best customer service!

We had 31 panels installed 4 years ago, and they have definitely lived up to their billing. MSSI designed the system, adding 10 more panels than we thought we could fit. Their price quote was right on target, and the quality of the panels has been fantastic. We just got an email from their monitoring service & someone came out to fix our panel free of charge. Overall, I highly recommend & can’t say enough great things about MSSI!

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Webs | Waldorf, Maryland | 10/05/2017

Two Years since the solar install and could not be happier

I did not submit a review when my 12 KW install was complete because, although my experience with Colette in purchasing and installing the system was incredibly professional and well executed, I did not feel that an assessment of MSSI was valid until I'd spent some time with the system operating. Well, it's been more than two years since my Solar installation was completed, and I can tell you that MSSI has been wonderful to deal with as the system was set up, the system registered for SRECS, and their performance in monitoring the system operation. They've recently identified the second issue with the system operations-and in both cases caught the problem before I could identify it. They then contacted the equipment manufacturer and arranged for warranty replacement-and conducted the functional repair in a timely manner. My system continues to operate well-and I could not be happier with the entire experience of having purchased my solar array from MSSI.

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Chai Lady | Odenton, Maryland | 06/11/2017

Residential Solar Panel Array in Odenton

A year and a half ago (December 2015), MSSI installed a 5.4 kW (18-panel) solar panel array on our end-unit townhome in Odenton. Before deciding to go with MSSI, we considered other solar companies with an alternate business model, resisting the “halo effect” of a big name drop (Elon Musk) accompanying one lease model. Several companies we approached at home shows would not even consider installing smaller arrays within AA County, because it did not make good business sense *for them* given their leasing models. We must say: the purchase of high-quality solar panels (with a 25 year performance warranty) outright from MSSI made the most business sense *for us*; in addition to enhancing our property's value as an asset, we retained the 30% federal tax credit; the Maryland Clean Energy Grant; Anne Arundel County property tax credit; Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), and substantial summertime electricity savings. An added bonus has been BGE's annual net meter “zero out”, when BGE performs a true-up of net negative/excess balances, converting the amount of net excess energy balance into a dollar value; on 5 April 2016, we received a check credit totaling $37.94. On 6 April 2017, we received a credit in the form of a check for $84.49. Some business models bundle roof replacement with solar panel installation; while we replaced our roof prior to solar panel installation, we contracted this work through a separate company, which MSSI had not recommended. Consumers who go with the “no money up front” options unwittingly forfeit these incentives, becoming essentially cash cows for the companies with which they sign leases, and will only realize their folly when 1) the low-quality panels cease to function optimally, but they still have to pay, or 2) the long-term lease is not conveyable upon sale of a property, creating a property liability.<br /><br />We had in-home consultations with two other companies before MSSI. From the outset, the owner treated us with courtesy and respect. Given several experiences of being treated as “lesser than” based on the prejudice of appearance alone, it was refreshing to work with MSSI; and we appreciated the opportunity to develop a rapport, finding salient points of commonality despite our outward differences. MSSI exceeded expectations not just on an interpersonal level, but on a professional one, as well. The solar array installation proposals from the other two companies utilized outdated, obsolete and unreliable solar equipment, and seemed slipshod, amateurish, inelegant and visually unappealing compared to the MSSI proposal. While on site, the owner of MSSI (a solar panel subject-matter expert in her own right) was the only one to inspect the attic space, which resulted in expansion of the initial 15-panel array proposal into an 18-panel one. The MSSI owner patiently and articulately made the MSSI business case, as we reviewed the proposals received from other companies, and asked the questions to which we required answers before making our final decision. While Ohio-based YellowLite had the same purchase outright business model, MSSI being based within the D.C.-Maryland area was a factor in our decision, as the impressive MSSI staff (not just the owner) was knowledgeable about the incentives available in various Maryland counties, and was able to achieve economies of scale, providing turn-key concierge service, taking the burden of applying for permits; local grants, and interconnection off of us as the homeowners. We also appreciated the MSSI owner being on-site the first day of the installation for seamless, consistent hand-off from the initial experience to the presence of the installation crew in the home. The crew was as professional and respectful as when the owner of MSSI first stepped into our home. As homeowners who work full-time, it was a relief to know we would not be acting as de facto general contractors. All we had to do was tape the construction permits to the window, as the MSSI staff was actively involved, attending to all matters related to the solar panel array installation, before, during, and after.<br /><br />We made the best decision we could, based upon the information we had in 2015. Upon retrospect, the only pressure we experienced was from the 30% federal tax credit that was set to expire in 2015. It was our understanding the newest panel, the WINAICO WSP-305M6, was not available until February 2016. Had we waited until the availability of the more expensive 305M6 modules, we could have missed out on the federal tax credit, for which the U.S. Senate ultimately passed an extension on 18 December 2015. As a result, we went with the 300M6 modules which were available, as quoted within the MSSI proposal we had. We suspect other homeowners may have rescheduled their installations for 2016, while we felt obligated to have our installation move from 29 December, up to 22 December. As things stood, we recouped the majority of the 30% federal tax credit for the year 2015, only receiving an $88 carry-over tax credit for 2016 (so, we could have waited for installation until 2016). Another selling point which has not lived up to expectation has been the Maryland SRECs. The initial projections MSSI provided assumed a thriving market for Maryland SRECs. The market for Maryland SRECs, however, went through a downturn in 2016, a state of affairs which MSSI candidly addressed in a 15 October 2016 email. We have been unable to sell any SRECs yet, and are not close enough to D.C. to sell our SRECs for $490 per on the D.C. SRECs market. With respect to SREC accrual, we notice disparities in the SRECs reflected on the inverter unit (now at 10.398 (1 unit = 1,000 kwh), as of 6/2017); the SolarEdge application (lifetime now at 10.4 (1 unit = 1,000 kwh)) while the PJM-GATS system estimate lags behind at 8 kWh (1 unit = 1,000 kwh), as of 4/2017. Once PJM-GATS creates certificates for May and June we (finally) hope to negotiate the PJM-GATS system, taking our first meager 10 SRECs to market, and selling them for an appreciable sum.<br /><br />Notwithstanding the 20/20 hindsight of our 2015 decision, we concur with everyone else that MSSI deserves the highest ratings possible. The “purchase outright” business model remains a solid investment, compared to the “lease buy-back” or “bundled roof and solar array” business models. Assuming commitment to “purchase outright,” if federal, state, and local incentives extend out in concentric circles, the 30% federal tax credit; Maryland Clean Energy Grant, and Anne Arundel property tax credit are the most immediate, with long-term electricity savings being next, and finally the issue of Maryland SRECs (and the confusing PJM-GATS system) arguably located the furthest out, the rise or fall of Maryland SRECs (and low user friendliness of PJM-GATS) never being within MSSI's control. Between 2015 and 2016, or the 300M6 and 305M6 modules, we may very well be splitting hairs on what amounts to a “first world” problem.<br /><br />If we had to do it over again, we would still contract with MSSI for solar panel array installation. We will keep MSSI in mind, as we may have the need to install another solar panel array at some point in the future. We wish everyone at MSSI (the owner, office staff, and installation crew) the nothing but the best; their knowledgeable design; quality workmanship, and follow-on aftercare continue to reap dividends.

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BQuigley | Potomac, Maryland | 10/01/2016

A+ Wish everything could be this efficient

This is one of the easiest scores to give and may not emphasize just how straightforward this project has been. Almost 6 months into using my panels, I cannot say enough about how professional and efficient the process has been. From first phone calls and meeting to installation and 6 months of painless energy generation. My wife and I are very busy with work and kids and this could not have been easier. Even the quick call on monitoring when my panels feedback on their system "turned off" (actually I changed to a new router and everything rebooted to show my production on my phone app and at MSSI's office without doing anything special-- but I was impressed at how fast they called to check if everything was up and running properly-they suspected my internet connection had gone down). MSSI knows this world inside and out. So glad that they were recommended to us. Don't rent your roof to some big chain. Go with top quality products, installation and service and enjoy the full benefit of your electricity production, tax benefits and feel good about what you are contributing to make our world a greener place.

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jps | Brunswick, Maryland | 07/11/2016

Exceded Expectations

The entire process was seemless. I liked that they would not take your order on the first visit, giving us time to think about it. They handled all the permits and dealt with the electric company as well as setting up accounts for us to sell our credits and get the Marylland solar grant. They were very responsive to questions before AND after the installation. There are 14 east facing and 14 west facing panels so both arrays aren't in direct sun at the same time however I have seen peak output at up to 6.2 kW. The installation has bee operating 26 days and we just reached 1 MW of total output. MSSI is quality people selling quality products and topnotch customer service.

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Swammy | Manchester, Maryland | 05/23/2016

Appreciative Solar Customer in Maryland

Great experience with Maryland Solar Solutions. Installed an 8.7kwp system at the end of 2015. Collete and team where great in getting my installation done before year-end so I could take advantage of the tax credit. I was getting nervous toward the end of the month, but they assured me they'd get it done...and they delivered. The staff worked with me to adjust the layout so I could be assured it was going to look good on my roof. I had them send to me several layout options, and they were more than happy to accommodate. I highly recommend MSSI for anyone looking to invest (as opposed to lease) in going green. Already seeing substantial savings from BGE.

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Reply from Maryland Solar Solutions: We are delighted to hear about the significant difference in your electric bills! Thank you for this wonderful review.

Kgulling | Silver Spring, Maryland | 05/18/2016

Excellent Knowledge and Service!

Loved that the owner came out to discuss the system - really encouraged us to do our own research. MSSI didn't just try to sell us on a system that fit their needs and business plan but had us actively participate in the figuring out which system worked best for us.

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Reply from Maryland Solar Solutions: We appreciate this wonderful review and continued support for MSSI!

Michael T | Sykesville, Maryland | 05/12/2016

Outstanding experience

After researching and meeting with multiple companies MSSI was, far and away, the right choice (and an easy choice to make). All of my interactions with MSSI employees from the initial consultation over the phone through in-person meetings with the owner (who does her own sales work!) and all of the installers/electricians/office staff along the way were fantastic. MSSI was upfront with costs and how they do their savings estimates; most of the other companies I spoke with waved their hands at the details or were intentionally vague.<br /><br />Of all the companies I met with MSSI was the only one who was able to discuss the engineering details of their preferred panels, and other options on the market, and why they install the brand panel they do - very impressive. Colette (the owner) even had panel samples to walk me through the fabrication process for the panels MSSI prefers.<br /><br />The installer crew and electricians were consummate professionals. In three consecutive work days the system went from components on the truck to fully installed and hooked up to my electrical panel AND passed inspection with the county! And on top of that, through their persistence with the utility they had BGE installing my net meter in about 2 weeks (fast, even for BGE, if you do your research on typical wait times for net meter installations).<br /><br />Even before signing a contract I easily went through 6 or 7 design iterations with MSSI and each time they were very responsive and willing to put in the extra effort to design a system exactly to my needs and specifications - with no guarantee of a sale. MSSI offers customer service at a level unheard of these days. And after signing a contract MSSI was able to move up the installation many weeks because of an unexpected gap in their schedule, I got solar power generation ~2 months early because of their diligence.<br /><br />Bottom line...if you're serious about getting a solar PV system MSSI is a company you need to meet with. They're not necessarily the cheapest (although certainly not the most expensive), but they are a company that is comprised entirely of professionals whom you can trust to do the job right using the best materials with which to do it and all the while being responsive to their customer. MSSI knows the ins and outs of their business and no company I interacted with was as responsive or knowledgeable about solar PV.

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Reply from Maryland Solar Solutions: Thank you for all of your support! We always strive to offer the best quality installation possible.

wdax | Annapolis, Maryland | 05/03/2016

residential solar installation in Annapolis.

My experience with MSSI was excellent, I have no reservations in recommending them as the best solar company in the area. I got bids from 6 companies. MSSI was not the cheapest, but I took a chance that they would be as good as their word in terms of service, quality, performance, and schedule, and they did everything they promised. My neighbor used another company and regretted it. What pleased me the most was how they worked with the permitting office to ensure I would be allowed to install the maximum number of panels on the roof. It was a struggle but MSSI's diligence paid off. My thanks to all of you!

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Reply from Maryland Solar Solutions: Thank you! We look forward to building strong lasting relationships with all of our customers.

c77frank | Brandywine, Maryland | 04/25/2016

Brandywine, MD

We have had our MSS installed solar system for 16 months now and couldn't be happier with the results. We don't pay for electric anymore and we earn extra money selling our solar renewable energy credits (SRECs). MSS did a great job installing our system and they have the most asthetically pleasing approach of any installer in the entire DC-Baltimore area. No visible conduit pipes running across your roof or on the side of your house. They do it right...while other installers don't care what it looks like from the street. And the best warranty out there!

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Reply from Maryland Solar Solutions: We are glad to hear that you've been able to see the benefits to your solar array, over a year after your installation! We like to ensure that the customer's array is not only meeting their expectations, but also that it looks pleasing to the customer from their own aesthetic perspective. Thank you for this wonderful review!

SolarCustomer | Olney, Maryland | 04/21/2016

Professional job done by a professional company

I had a large 42-panel system installed on my house in late March 2016 and I could not be happier. MSSI was professional, responsible, and got the job done on time and on budget. My system is up and about 3 months after I signed. In fact, it would have been done sooner if I had not delayed the process [I delayed it a few weeks to give my own contractor more time to widen a closet that holds my main electrical box]. <br /><br />Colette Hayward was informative and helpful throughout the entire process. And, true to her word, she was there during installation. Every promise MSSI made was kept. When I had questions regarding the system and making sure that attic is properly ventilated, they responded quickly. After installation, they told me that PEPCO would send me the authority-to-operate email within 2 weeks, and sure enough, 12 days later I got the email from Pepco and to turn it on. <br /><br />The team that installed the panels did an excellent job and it shows: The lines are clean, the wiring is professional. And, even better, the system is generating more power than originally estimated.<br /><br />For those of you who think this is a made-up review, this project is real. In fact, you can see the panels on my house on MSSI's photo gallery in Olney, MD. If you count the number of panels, you will see 42 on the roof.<br /><br />I would easily recommend MSSI to anyone looking to have solar panels installed.

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Reply from Maryland Solar Solutions: It delights us to hear that we were able to build a positive relationship before, during and after your installation process!

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