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Scott W. | Fox Island, Washington | 01/22/2023

Great people that wanted to make it right.

Thank you to Jeff Bennett, Bill Rudd and his crew for a job well done. Although a slight miscommunication in the beginning and a couple of days delay due to weather your team of professionals worked extra hard to resolve those issues and finish the job. Jeff Bennett helped resolve a miscommunication problem in the beginning to make sure we were completely satisfied.Bill Rudd and his crew were the best, very professional and did great work in difficult weather conditions. Bill especially made sure everything was right with some patchwork inside and outside of our garage. He also discovered a problem with one of the panels in the testing of the system and worked diligently to find and fix the problem. I would highly recommend your company and your people to anyone interested in purchasing a solar system. Thank you, Scott W.

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solarsquirrel | Seattle, Washington | 01/24/2015

Pre-planning and communication were lacking

We're very happy to have our professionally installed solar system, its up and running and providing energy to write this review. Hooray!<br /><br />We did have some issues with our install however, having to do with some mistakes that Artisan employees made with preplanning & communication. The initial consult and design, as well as the pre-install walk through, didn't catch the fact that our electric mast and meter needed to be relocated for our install. This added cost to our system last minute, though Artisan did agree to cover most of the cost, after I argued that this was not our responsibility. The placement of the inverter suddenly changed from the east to north side of our house without any notice to us, and the design of the system (initially one panel was to be located on our porch roof to avoid shading from a small tree) was not implemented, so now we must see about pruning a tree to avoid shading our panels. Also, the interior mounting of the eguage box was sloppy, and it's now installed in a rather uneven looking way with considerable damage to our drywall that they have said they will repair, but has not been addressed yet. I think it's possible that with the number of installations this company has gotten through the Solarize Seattle program, the quality of communication and experience level of some of the new Artisan employees is creating some problems.

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Reply from Artisan Electric: Wow, Artisan's first "three sun" review deserves an explanation. My recommendation to homeowners reading this is that if you change your home's electrical setup from the time you choose to go solar to the time the solar system is installed, it's a good idea to communicate that change with the installer. If the installer is trying to deal with the issue on site, it's also a good idea to make yourself available to the installer if you are home. In this case, the homeowners had their service mast moved from the side of the house to the area where the solar was to be installed. We found this out on the first day of installation and engaged the homeowner immediately. Our goal is to install the best systems possible, and we were not about to continue with the installation plan because the system would have performed poorly. Instead, Artisan actually paid to have the service moved away from the solar side of the house at no cost to the homeowner. How many electrical contractors do you know that would actually do that? The only added cost to the homeowner was from the utility for hooking the service back up, not Artisan. Second, the existing meter and panel were located over a half-demolished deck that was supposed to be fully removed before we started. It was physically unsafe to install equipment in the area that the homeowner had chosen. The homeowner was not available to discuss the change before it happened, but agreed that the equipment was in a better place after the fact. In summary, it's hard to preplan when circumstances change without our knowledge, and it's hard to communicate when the homeowner does not make themselves available. <br />There are definitely some lessons to be learned here by Artisan, however.<br />Usually, the salesperson at Artisan is also the project manager on our projects, but this was not the case for this project, which led to miscommunication when things were not as they seemed. The project manager did not notice that the mast was removed during his prejob walk, whereas the salesperson would have most definitely caught that the change had happened, because he knew what the electrical service looked like prior to the change. The second area for improvement is to engage the customer on every decision, whether it seems like they care or are make themselves readily available is irrelevant. The project manager for this project is still fairly new to the position, and is still learning how much to communicate and what to look out for. It's clear he needed more support to take on a project this complicated, and will get that support moving forward. Lesson learned on our end.

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Ed W. | Olympia, Washington | 01/16/2023

Amazing install and experience!

Wanted to get solar installed got a number of competitive quotes. The reason I went with Artisan was the extremely friendly service from Jeff Bennett, he was very patient taking extra time to explain the process. The price was also comparable with the other quotes I received. I was really glad I went with Artisan their entire process from start to end is designed to keep you in the loop with what is going on. They are very flexible and communicative. They did exactly what they said they would each and every time. Quality install (no roof leaks!) and worked with me to minimize the cosmetics of the install to the street front. It really made me feel like that they had my back during the entire process and really cared about their work. Case in point - Jeff went to bat for me when PSE screwed up and was taking a really long time to turn the system on (> 30 days - out of Artisan's control), which I really appreciated. Only suggestion I would have for them for future improvement would be to make sure they seal the lines coming in and out of the house and not using blue painters tape for the labels, but that was caught on the inspection and fixed promptly.

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James Burke | Steilacoom, Washington | 10/25/2022

Excellent company with experienced and highly qualified workers

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ReneeR | Seattle, WA | 10/25/2021

Artisan Electric: Highly recommended hire.

We just completed our solar design and install project with Artisan Electric ( It was an outstanding professional experience overall — smoothly managed, and super pleasant people to work with from the beginning to end. And their follow-up to my subsequent questions has also been excellent. From the first inquiry over the Artisan website ( to the first conversations with the rep about the various system options; and on through the design and layout process with him; on into the site preparation walk-through with the general foreman; and all throughout the install experience with the crew. The crew was always prompt, professional, and managed a clean, well-organized work project space in/around our house, and they were all super pleasant to work with. Strong team! More to the point when we hit an install hiccup — upon seeing the panels layout on the front street side of our low flat roof and were unhappy with the way it looked (not Artisan’s fault but a failure of imagination on our part) — we deeply appreciated the quick response to my email about it from our Artisan rep and the crew’s professional “let’s put our heads together and find a solution” mentality. In my experience that's where the rubber really hits the road with any contractor and everyone involved managed an efficient, calm, and solutions-oriented approach in partnership with us that ended up with an even-better solution. We also appreciate a union crew and seeing diverse representation on it. That matters to us — in addition to high quality, fairly priced work. ;)

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LSS | Seattle, Washington | 12/01/2020

Outstanding company!

My PV system was installed in October 2020, and I received outstanding service from Artisan Electric. They were professional and friendly. The design we finalized was close to Evan’s recommendations, and was perfect for my home. It was well worth the many questions that I asked to become well-informed about the process, and all on the Artisan staff were patient with me and even seemed to appreciate my level of detailed interest. The installation process took about three days, and the lead electrician, the site coordinator, along the roof crew, were all polite and considerate, as well as extremely knowledgeable. I got the strong impression that the employees enjoyed their work and that the company is very well-managed. I did get another bid before choosing Artisan, and I am so happy that I asked Artisan Electric to design and install my system. I appreciate that Artisan is a union shop, yet the price for the other bid that I got was nearly the same price (but with less desirable choices for my installation), plus the other company’s consultant couldn’t answer quite a few of my questions. I found that Artisan designers were extremely well informed leaders in the PV industry in our area. Since Artisan can also provide other electrical services, I feel confident that my investment will be better protected, and that this company will be around to service my system for many years. I highly recommend Artisan Electric, without reservation, to anyone considering solar panels for their home.

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Happy On Vashon | Vashon, Washington | 09/25/2020

A pleasure to work with Artisan Electric

We chose Artisan because of their good reputation in our community. From start to finish we couldn't be happier with their work and service. We were impressed with their adherence to Covid protocols, the quality of their work and professionalism of everyone on the project. Because of our roof configuration this was not a simple installation and they did an extremely nice job - it looks great. In addition to the solar installation we had some additional electrical work done and were very pleased with the results.

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Eric Walker | Vashon, Washington | 08/18/2020

Very professional and very, very helpful in understanding solar

Excellent knowledgeable people who clearly know the "art" as well as science of solar installation. Besides installing top quality equipment, they were very consciencous about the esthetics of where conduit runs should be.

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Rancho Poquito Farm | Eatonville, Washington | 07/31/2020

Very knowledgeable and efficient team.

We received three bids for solar panels. Artisan was the only company of the three that asked us what OUR solar goals were and did not make assumptions like the other two companies. They then based their recommendations on what our goals were. The project lead worked with us throughout the installation and kept us informed. The only two hitches were that Artisan did not give our podunk utility co-op enough time to order the meter, so there was a couple week wait time to flip the red switch between when the the panels were installed and when he meter was installed. In addition, the installation crew was a little careless and left some installation trash around and trenched our yard and got their van stuck after we had warned them that it was to wet to drive on the grass. Hopefully they learned from these experiences and have improved on them. Overall a great experience though working with Artisan.

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Erik Teutsch | Kirkland, Washington | 03/16/2020

Excellent work, great experience

Artisan was terrific to work with on our solar system. Plenty of options to find the right fit for us, friendly people quality work and excellent follow through. Would use them again in a heartbeat.

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K Burd | Tacoma, Washington | 02/28/2020

Solar Panel installation was easy and wonderfully done.

We chose Artisan based on work done on other homes.

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Queen Anne, Seattle | Seattle, Washington | 11/05/2019

Job well done

Job was done in two staged with panels on garage and house. The initial setup of the hardware brackets and racks then followed by the electrical and placement of panels. The finished product looks great. Reaping benefits sunny days. I highly recommend Artisan.

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Reply from Artisan Electric: Thank you so much for your recommendation. We truly appreciate your business and your commitment to renewable energy!

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