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About Chris Meehan

Chris Meehan is a freelance writer for SolarReviews

With more than a decade of professional writing experience, Chris focuses on sustainability, renewable energy and outdoor adventure articles. He has written for various publications, including 303 Magazine, Sun & Wind Energy and the Westword.

Articles by Chris Meehan

Introducing the solar pool heater, a low-cost way to heat your pool

Find out how the costs stack up between environment-friendly solar pool heaters and traditional gas or electric pool heating systems.

Written by Chris Meehan

Best Electric Lawn Mowers. Cut Lawns and Costs With Battery-Powered Mowers

A guide to battery-powered and robotic lawn mowers that help you get charged for mowing, or sometimes letting them do all the work, while you enjoy some tea—or other beverages.

Written by Chris Meehan

Are solar panels worth it in South Carolina?

A guide to going solar in South Carolina, including how much rooftop solar customers can expect to pay and how soon they’ll start seeing savings.

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