SolarReviews Solar Electricity, solar contractors

SolarReviews Solar Electricity, solar contractors

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The main business of solar reviews is to provide consumers access to consumer reviews of solar installers, solar panels and inverters.

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We can also recomend some other great sites for the solar industry including these:

Find out how much solar costs at Solar Estimate . This site gets per kw pricing in from around 200 solar installers around the country and can give you a pretty good idea of what a system costs. They keep this information up to date.

The Solar Calculator on this site also shows you how many solar panels you need to cover your utility bill.

This site also allows you to enter your zipcode and utility company and it shows you what solar incentives, solar rebates, production credits and tax credits you will get if you go solar. It gets this information from but it allows you to search all of this solar incentive data by Zipcode making it much more user friendly than trying to wade through the Dsire site.

However, there are many other important players in the solar industry and this part of our site will allow these other organisations to display a profile on our site so that consumers of their services, whether from the general public or the idnustry can get in contact with them.

Current Categories in our Solar Industry Directory include.

Solar Not for Profit Organizations

Solar Financing Companies

Solar Education Materials

Solar Training

Other Renewable Energy Companies.

The profiles for these organizations will be built out over 2013.

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