Greentek Energy Systems

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5845 Oakbrook Pkwy Ste A | Norcross GA 30093

Company Description

GreenTek manufactures, imports, and distributes its products specializing in LED lighting solutions as well as solar solutions to our dealers, retail stores, electrical outlets, B2B customers, and B2C customers around the nation.

This, coupled with prompt delivery, extensive industry know-how, nationwide installer base and world class customer supports makes us the leading choice amongst competitors. The company was founded on the idea to make the world a better place to live for our future generations by reducing their existing carbon footprint.

Here, GreenTek provides alternative energy solutions to reduce energy consumption for business and homes around the nation. Customers save money while switching to our lighting and solar products, while reducing the amount of energy consumed. With the best prices in the nation, we are able to provide an average return on investment between 10-14 months.

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No reviews found

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