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Michael Saint Johns, FL

Nearly caused a fire

Thanks to an A1A install of a generator and battery in 2019, and subsequent fix in Jun 2021 after a 60amp junction box shorted out and melted wires and a relay, the company is now saying they did not install the junction box after the box failed again. The junction box was on single line drawing, attached to their permit, and a huge placard on the box itself with A1A name and contact information. After pointing this out to their “Support Specialist,” that has no idea what is going on, I have heard nothing since Friday. A1A’s “support specialist” diagnosed the problem over the phone and now wants $450 for the visit with an additional $200 per hour if the fix goes beyond an hour. The company “fixed” the issue in 2019, but did not fix it correctly or even try to figure out why the wires shorted out and melted a relay. My system has been shutoff since 31 May 2023. If you want Solar that actually works and probably won’t cause your house to catch fire, go with a different company.

Installation quality
After sales support

System size (kW): 11

Year installed: 2019

A1A Solar Contracting, Inc reply 06/21/2023
Mr. Escobar, We spoke on the phone yesterday and offered our services for the repair of your photovoltaic disconnect switch for a fair price. I am glad no other damage to your home resulted other than burned wires in the PV Disconnect switch. Let’s give the readers a little background on this situation: 1. You purchased this home where the PV, battery and generator systems were already installed and working. 2. A1A Solar did NOT install the solar PV array or the PV Disconnect switch where the burned wires are, and we currently are not and never have been the installer of record per the PV inverter equipment manufacturer and we have no access to PV inverter data required to effect proper repairs to the PV system. 3. A1A Solar's only involvement was the installation of the battery system and the generator in 2019 (for the previous homeowner), none of which involved the solar PV disconnect switch, since our method of interconnection is on the JEA meter combo can. The battery was a USED battery system procured by the previous homeowner who hired A1A Solar to install it without any warranty transfer. 4. Your photovoltaic system was installed by American Solar in 2016 as shown in the documentation you provided and quite possibly is already out of warranty with the original installer. We at A1A Solar have no legal obligation to provide you with free service work for a system we neither sold nor installed. 5. You disclosed that you have had other solar contractor(s) out to your property since owning it, but either they are not able or are not willing to correct the burned wire issue. Since you didn’t get what you wanted (a free service call), I believe you are treating A1A Solar unfairly, by leaving a bad review and mentioning to me potentially pursuing legal action. We are more than happy to fix this issue in good faith, but not for free. Let me also reiterate what we mentioned during our conversation - your battery system charges from the solar and the extended zero state of charge of your batteries could cause those batteries irreparable damage with no warranty protection. J. Peter Wilking, President & Founder