Review for Goldin Solar

Office location: 1105 US Highway 1, Vero Beach FL, 32960

Tim Vero Beach, FL

I highly recommend Goldin Solar

I did a lot of research in preparation to have a solar electric system installed at our home. Our goal was to have cost certainty heading into our retirement years and also emergency backup power for our home. I contacted a number of vendors/contractors to learn what was available to fit our needs. Almost all of the vendors turned out to use high pressure sales schemes and were short on information to help us decide what system would be best for us. Most of them just wanted to load us up with as many panels as would fit on our roof telling us that we would end up selling a lot of power back to our electric utility company. That was not our goal. We wanted adequate power for our needs and backup power for emergency power outages. I did not know it at the time but later learned that the overkill systems these dealers were trying to foist upon us would not have been accepted by our utility and we would not have been able to have the bidirectional connection to the grid. We would have had to become an “off the grid” system and sell excess power to no one. Their greed to sell over powered systems thankfully did not ignite greed in us to fall for their schemes. The lone dealer who did not use this approach was Goldin Solar. We met with a local representative, Charles Stadelman, at our home. Charles listened to us as we explained our needs and goals and then told us what Goldin could do for us, explained the process including the engineering of the system, inspections, installation phases, utility company hookup and a timetable for completion. He again met with us a short time later with pricing for the system. We were very comfortable working with him and the price was acceptable. We ended up with an 8.16 kw system with two Tesla power walls. Based on our previous electrical usage this system would be adequate for our needs and would be acceptable to our electric utility company for bidirectional grid connection. We signed the contract in the second quarter of 2021. 2021 was a very challenging year for businesses dealing with Covid related shortages for materials, labor and even governmental office shortages for permitting and engineering approvals. Again, this was a challenging climate in which to accomplish such a project. Goldin Solar assigns a project manager for each project. The project manager’s function is to coordinate between the homeowner and the company. Unfortunately, our first project manager, unbeknownst to Goldin or ourselves, had accepted a position with another company right after being assigned to our job and was not responsive to our needs or to the project. This was unfortunate but Goldin dealt with it as soon as they became aware and we were assigned another project manager. Between the new project manager and her supervisor our project got on track and we progressed through the phases. Our system went live in early February, 2022. There was good coordination between Goldin, the utility company and us. The system is mindless to use. There is no effort on our part to use this. We have gone through two hurricanes which caused power outages but with the Tesla power walls we were completely unaffected. The only way that we were aware of the outages was because all of our neighbors were in the dark. We have also purchased an electric vehicle. For a year now I have not had to purchase gasoline and all the vehicle charging is accomplished with solar electricity. Cool! Our electric bill consists only of the utility company’s minimum monthly connection charge. I highly recommend Goldin Solar. Our experience showed them to be honest, and reasonable to work with and the quality of the equipment and the quality of the installation was great.

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System size (kW): 10

Year installed: 2022