Review for Smart Wave Solar

Office location: 4201 Madison St, Denver CO, 80216

John C Littleton, CO

Smart Wave Solar

"I highly recommend Smart Wave Solar. After getting quotes from the large national Solar groups and some local groups, I found Smart Wave to offer me a project price that was 15% to 25% below their competitors. Yet they beat their competitors by offering panels that showed the least loss of efficiency over 25 years. They also included an Invertor that permitted me to pull power from the invertor into my home if the grid ever went down during the day and a portable backup battery system if the grid were to go down when the sun was down. The others did not offer me these benefits unless I were to pay more for there already pricey systems. There installation tech and their sale rep were considerate of my concerns, competent and courteous. It was nice to deal with people who were interested in doing what was best for me in a way that would also be good for their employer, a Win Win Situation."

Sales process

System size (kW): 4.9

System price: $19,500

Year installed: 2023

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: No