Review for SunPower

Mark V Watertown, CT


You will pay tens of thousands of dollars and once you sign NO ONE will ever ask how it's going. A used car dealer shows more concern than these folks. Your system will begin to malfunction within a month of installation. Your inverter WILL break and you will get a surprise electric bill because no one is monitoring your system but you. SunPower will NOT notify you of a problem. When you call them they might sound concerned and will tell you a work order has been submitted. That's as far as you'll get. Seriously, that's it. If you threaten tostop paying the solar bill they might get back to you. If they fix what breaks they will not reimburse you for the double billing, one bill to solar and the other to the electric company. You WIL BE SORRY My system ws turned on in May, 2022 and never worked to full capacity. I received a solar bill for $217 a month AND an electric bill every month since. On January 5, 2023 someone finally came out and said it's fixed. SunPower said they would only send me $300 for my inconvenience. They're snake oil salesmen!!!!!!

System size (kW): 13000

System price: $58,000

Who installed your solar panels?: SunPower Builders

Year installed: 2022

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: No

SunPower reply 01/20/2023
Hi Mark, we apologize for the frustrations you are experiencing and appreciate your feedback. It looks like you are working with a member of our Escalations team who has provided you with the utility offset in your proposal as well as production data to date. Your comment has been forwarded along to your Escalations Representative for further review.