Review for SunPower

RRDC Carmel, CA

Twice happy customer

We put 21 SunPower panels on our previous home, 10 years ago. They maintained their capacity well beyond their rating, and provided 100% of our electrical needs even though the array was specified to provide 90%. When we moved last year, we installed 23 SunPower panels on our new home and once again enjoying 100% service. We compared this performance to friends who used competing lower cost panels, and we calculate that we would have needed 30-50% more in our array to match the output, and would have seen faster drops in efficiency. If we do this again, we will use SunPower again.

System size (kW): 7.9

Who installed your solar panels?: Scudder Solar Energy Systems

Year installed: 2022

SunPower reply 01/20/2023
RRDC, we loved reading your review as well as delighted that you are a repeat SunPower client. Congratulations on your new home and solar system and thank you for helping us change the way our world is powered!