Review for A1A Solar Contracting, Inc

Office location: 10418 New Berlin Road Unit 223, Jacksonville FL, 32226

Kevin Skelly Jacksonville, FL

Update to previous review (10/3/22)

After nearly a year, my system is finally working as advertised. During this past year Generac identified that one of their solar panel parts was defective and needed to be replaced. Those replacement parts were finally made available and installed in my system in early December. I cannot fault A1A Solar for installing the faulty parts so I am changing the previous rating to 3-stars. IF you plan to go solar, which I still believe in, and you contract with this company I have a couple of recommendations. First, be proactive in learning about the system you order and don't be afraid to contact the manufacturer (in my case Generac) with questions. If you have an issue with your system, stay in touch with the contractor until it is resolved. The company owes you that until the system operates as advertised. A1A still needs to work on their communication with the customer.

System size (kW): 18

Year installed: 2022