Review for Sunrun Inc.

Office location: 4507 N Selland Ave #27, Fresno CA, 93722

gg Clovis, CA

A masterclass in incompetence

Working with Sunrun has been an absolute disaster. It's the most disorganized project I've ever seen, and I regret having chosen to work with them. My project consisted of adding more panels to an existing solar installation. The old system was not to be touched. The new system would operate independently of the old one. In Aug Sunrun sub-contracted out the installation of another company, Bright Planet. Bright Planet installed the panels in Aug, along with a new subpanel that they did not bother to put fuses/breakers in. No fewer than 4 teams have come to my residence, seen that the new panel was missing breakers, acknowledged that they couldn't do anything until that was fixed, and then left without ever hearing another word from them or Sunrun. Weeks ago I opened a "case" and was assigned a case manager. I was told to expect a call. No call ever came, so I called back yesterday and was told my case manager was in a meeting but to expect a call back. No call ever came. I called back today and was finally put in touch with the case manager, only to be told that this is the first she's heard of my issues, and she would look into things. She would call me back by noon her time, a las, I have not received a follow up call. Also, two weeks ago I received a call from scheduling and was told I was scheduled for my final inspection with the city. After I told the scheduler that the project wasn't finished they said they needed to hold off then. Fast forward to yesterday, I get another call from the same scheduler, and was told "I know your project isn't complete, but we are going to schedule your final inspection for tomorrow". I reiterated that the project isn't even fully installed and she just said that was fine, and the final inspection would be today. Today, when the tech showed up, he said that he would have to cancel the inspection because, wait for it, the installation isn't finished! I would highly recommend looking elsewhere if you're looking for Solar. The amount of time and money I've lost as a result of disabling my entire system since Aug is growing every day, and I'm really hoping that they make good on their promise to reimburse me for the solar generation that I'm loosing by having a bricked system.

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System size (kW): 6

Year installed: 2022