Review for Titan Solar Power

Office location: 525 West Baseline Road, Mesa AZ, 85210

Ric SpringTown , TX

Do Not use

As of 9/4/2022, Solar panels have stopped working. Cooler weather and A/C not running as much but, my electric use is similar to what it was before the solar. Added a pic., 5 PM full sun on the panels and only getting 1.6 Kw. 8/26, I still have a trench open ( looks as I will have to fill it in), hole and poor repair to my soffit from electrical work, insulation messed up in the attic and they still owe me 750.00 for my sprinkler company. My original cost was 45700.00 but, my sales person informed me that Generac Power Cells come with a generator for 2022. I have text, you can go to Generac site and see they come with a generator and paid another 28000.00 for it. Titan is saying I don't get a generator. The power cell can be bought for 4000.00 w/o generator by a consumer so, thats 24000.00 extra, thats the cost and price for insulation for both items. Well, Titan was supposed to call Fri 8/25 and no call. Tried calling the 2 contact numbers and go to voice mail. I can never get a hold of someone. All Titan cares about is getting your money and they then ignore you. 8/15,0n 8/03/2022 Titan crew took the pics for the electric company that have to be sent in for approval to turn on solar. As of 8/15/ 2022, they have not sent the pics in. This company is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!So on 8/5/2022 Titan again no communication.They sent a crew out to inspect the dry wall they had to cut out to repair the wiring they messed up. My wife called me at work and asked if I knew they were coming out today and as usual, no calls or emails . My wife has COVID and was not feeling well so, they left. Titan will never change. No communication w/ customers or their employees. So, 8/1/2022 received a call from my wife and the new crew out today said that the system was installed wrong for what we are supposed to have. I am supposed to have solar and a Generac power cell w/ a generator that runs the whole house if we loose power or to many cloudy days or not enough power was generated on day 1 or 2 of the new month. See the following for the other horrible experiences. See my wife's review w/ pics. ( live in a COOP so, they start at zero on day 1) Don't walk, RUN from this company!!! Horrible experience!! Do not use!! I should of trusted my gut instinct after reading their reviews but, my salesman informed me that there would be no issues. So wrong!! Problems since day 1!! Very poor communication between company and consumer. Titan even has poor communication with the crews they are sending. It's sad that the crew has to ask the customer on what is being done. The company does not look at the photos the consumer and the surveyor submit and even when the consumer says there is a propane line. The crew could not finish on the first day because of seeing the propane line that was mentioned months before. They were supposed to start in June and they did not even ask for an extension from Tri County ( The sad thing is, I had to point out my contract w/ Tri County was going to be cancelled). They have destroyed my sprinklers and they are doing nothing about it. They screwed up the outlets to the garage and out side ( very slow on repairing). They have destroyed my yard and have not been at my house since 7/8/2022. I have not heard when the job will be done. They also informed my sales person that they will not be installing the generator that is in the contract. I had 3 neighbors who really like the system I was getting but, after seeing and hearing how horrible this has been going, they will not even talk w/ my sales person. I was informed by 2 of my neighbors , that another company that came out to talk with them are using Titan's reviews and my circumstance to show why they should not use Titan.

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System size (kW): 9.88

Year installed: 2022