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A Stark Orlando, FL

Fixed Orange County Permitting Mess from other solar company

Solar Source helped us fix the gigantic mess we had with Orange County because our original installer, Sunlight Solar, never got the electrical permitting finalized. We had no idea there were 2 permits with the county. This is because they would never have passed, our electric panel box was too undersized to handle the Solar addition, and Sunlight Solar only added 2 breakers to the panel. When the Orange County Electrical Inspector came out, he said there's no way it would have passed, our electric panel was undersized for the new load, and we had to spend thousands of dollars fixing the mess Sunlight Solar made, including upgrading our entire electrical panel to a much higher amperage. That's not counting the nearly dozen solar optimizers, and THREE solar inverters that went bad. Beware who you get to install your solar, and CHECK YOUR PERMITS WITH THE COUNTY to verify they are completed and passed inspections! We didn't know, and boy did we pay for it. Solar Source has been professional and helpful with the entire electrical repair process. Shawn Workman is a phenomenal electrician, and bent over backwards to make our electrical system repair easier (it was not easy, since the new panel was much larger than the original). The company is incredibly busy, and one of the few who work with SolarEdge inverter systems, so this was no quick fix, but it's worth the wait to get things done right. We would definitely recommend them.

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System size (kW): 10

Year installed: 2016