Review for Titan Solar Power

Office location: 525 West Baseline Road, Mesa AZ, 85210

G.B. Brandon, FL

Titan Solar should be ashamed!

Titan Solar has taken advantage of my military veteran, senior father by convincing him he needs solar panels on his home. His home has not had central heat and air for the past 10 years. He uses 3 window units in the 3 rooms he "lives" in. When you walk up to the home you can see 1 of ac units and when you enter you see he is also a hoarder. His electric bill is set to $85 per month and he usually gets a credit at the end of the year, he does not need panels! My fathers short term memory is gone and has multiple health issues that I have been working with him on since March 2022. Titan sold him the panels in January 2022. When I found out about the panels in march 2022 I began reaching out to Titan. I have sent Titan Solar Power emails requesting a call and for them to remove the panels due to his dementia with no response. I have reached out to the BBB only to get that if he was not diagnosed before he signed the papers they are not at fault. There is no diagnosis as it is a symptom not a disease. I have requested all signed documents and still have yet get a response. I have a power of attorney to speak on my dad's behalf and he also understands things but his short term is pretty bad so it is hard from day to day. This company should be ashamed on what they have done and now I found out they have a financial statement against his home. I also found they are charging him $40.99 per month, not sure for what and they wont talk to me. I have tried to get legal help but this is not a case that will make an attorney any money and they say it will cost us thousands to fight! This company is after the next dollar and does not care who they get it from!

System size (kW): 1

Year installed: 2022