Review for Titan Solar Power

Srinivas Maddali Durham, NC

Titan + Avolta Spolar Installation Services.

Very very bad. I am getting bills in $00 from Duke Energy and a charge from Goodleap (financers). I do not know how much the solar system provides and how much I consume. In the beginning, I did not get solar energy (there is any service from the solar panels) and GoodLeap started charging me, on being intervened my request, BBB interfered and Titan paid one month's charge made by Goodleap and now I get charged by 2 guys terribly. Goodleap as they have my Account details and Duke Energy for $000s the so-called consumption which is 2 times to our regular consumption. For our unless the sun is too hot and kids can be negatively impacted, general consumption the bill used to be < $100. They also promised me to trim the tree on Thu 8/25/2022 1:49 PM and yesterday (09/05/2022) a message was received saying that a tree trimming company approaches me. Their response is after I emailed them on the Enery Bill received from Duke Energy for $226+ on 10/2/2022. This is the company I am dealing with. I want them to de-install solar and liquidate my loan with Goodleap and restore the original Duke Energy services only. I can not take the tension of being a stroke survivor. I may have to approach BBB for help.

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System size (kW): 3.5

Year installed: 2022