Review for Encor Solar

MJ Leland, NC

9 months and counting..

Purchased system in good faith based on the information we were provided by our salesperson, wanting to produce our own power/use more renewable energy. System installed in January 2022, supposed to go active by March, when bank draft payments began. Now October, come to find out that the system installed produces more energy than our Electric company will allow. Only reason we went with solar in the first place was to replace one energy source with another, not interested in an "auxiliary" system, also wasn't what we were sold/promised at the outset. Operations manager promised to remove the panels and return the roof and siding to its original condition, now she's leaving the company and we're being handed off to someone else. Weeks without responses to emails and phone calls. Haven't been reimbursed for the last two loan payments that were promised (up until then we were getting checks to offset the loan payment for a non-working solar system). Stopping payments on the loan immediately, and will be contacting a lawyer unless we are contacted and the panel removal, roof repair and loan is closed by the end of the month. Don't buy the Solar sales pitch, contact your electric company FIRST before signing anything. Very disappointed and disillusioned by the whole experience..

Sales process
On schedule
Installation quality
After sales support

System size (kW): 16

Year installed: 2022

Encor Solar reply 10/05/2022
Hello MJ, We apologize for your inconvenience, and for the incorrect information and expectations that were set when signing the contract to go solar. Encor Solar has done, and is doing everything we can do to correct this. We have scheduled a date to uninstall your system, and are working with multiple roofing companies and contractors to repair the roof and your siding to its original condition prior to solar. However, the claim that you have not been getting communication from our operations manager is false. Our team has been emailing you updates, the method of communication that you requested, and has responded to your latest message within 24 hours (one day prior to this review). As of now, we have an uninstall date scheduled for Oct 17th, and the roof work will follow shortly after. If there is anything else we can assist you with in the meantime, feel free to contact us on the active email thread, or call our support line at (888) 543-6267.