Review for Titan Solar Power

Office location: 525 West Baseline Road, Mesa AZ, 85210

GS Tucson, AZ


Do not recommend Titan Solar. Poor customer service. Does not value customer. My system was installed in April 2021 after a 7+ month process. In June 2022 the panels stopped working. I realized this in September 2022 after receiving two large electric bills from my Tucson Electric Power. I called Titan immediately. When I called the customer service rep was able to see right away that my system was not operational and even indicated that it was most likely an inverter problem. I was referred to a service specialist, who emailed me the same day that is was indeed an inverter issue and the manufacturer has been contacted for a replacement. No time frame provided. When I inquired on a timeframe, I was told the manufacturer did not provide so Titan could not let me know when the part needed would be received, therefore, a timeline to repair my panels could not be established. When I inquired what I was not notified when my panels were no longer operating, I was told it was my responsibility to notify Titan when my panels were not operational. I was told I was supposed to use an app called “Solar Edge” to monitor my system and it was my responsibility to let Titan know when there was any issue. They also told me that it was the responsibility of Sun Solar Solutions to inform me that monitoring the operation of the system was my responsibility. Titan was able to remotely see that my panels were not operational. Titan was also able to remotely diagnose the issue and determine the root cause. I was told by Sun Solar Solutions that my system sends alerts to Titan when the system is not operating, and it is Titan’s responsibility to alert me so I can take appropriate action. This conflicts with the information shared by Titan that it is my responsibility to monitor my panels. At the time of install, the only information I received from Sun Solar and the Project Manager was that there was an app (Solar Edge) I could use to see how my solar panels were working, more of a “good to know”, at no point was it relayed to me that I was responsible for ensuring the panels were operating. For the two months that my solar panels were not operating (July & August) I paid >$300 each month in utility costs. Additionally, I also paid my monthly $170 for my solar panels. I am suspecting my September bill for both TEP will be around $300 and of course, I have once again paid my monthly payment for the panels. For 3 months, I am expecting to pay in excess of $500 for solar that is not working, and in excess of $1200 for electric. Titan has refused to engage in any discussion around reimbursement of these excessive costs, nor have they provided any indication they are expediting the repair of my system. In speaking with Sun Solar Solutions, they informed me that Titan has terminated their partnership and they have no connection to the customer, or customer accounts.

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System size (kW): 1172

System price: $48,400

Year installed: 2021

Price include the Federal Tax Credit or incentives: Yes